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  • Parallel Shaft Gearbox
    At the time of use, geared motor temperature rise like how to solve?One, to make the gear reduction motor stator winding turns or Brushless Gear Motor interphase short circuit or ground, make current increases, the damage increases with the overheating. If the fault is not serious, only need to add insulation, serious winding should be replaced.Second, bearing damage or excessive...
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  •  24v Gear Motor 
    In the use of gear reduction motor resistance unqualified failure 12v High Torque Motor would appear, then, is what reason causes the gear reduction motor resistance is not qualified?A, winding faults are: winding interturn short circuit fault; Winding and chassis, there are two or more than two contact ground fault.Second, the winding connection aspects: group elements are connected...
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  • Vending Machine Motor
    What performance reduction motor need to check before use?Gear motor, short-time overload: single use time can't more 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox than l20 second, restricted by parking space at the same time, the overload is not too serious, so just under 1.2 times the rated load and run for 3 minutes, 1.5 times the rated load, run 1 minute, no abnormal phenomenon.Protection grade:...
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  • Gear Reduction Motor 
    First is the micro gear speed reducer operating conditions: the influence Micro Gear Motor of different gear box will appear in the operation process of the gear oil overheating or generator overheating, lead to machine stop. Gear box for a long time work under the condition of high oil temperature of the work, it can aggravate the occurrence of pitting.Second, the influence of micro...
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  • Small Dc Gear Motor
    Used for high production of micro motor can't straight micro gear motor row of the atmosphere, such as direct platoon atmosphere will constitute the intake and exhaust pressure difference is too big, so that the high slip motor overload.Micro motor pump before use it necessary to have, in the former stage pump suction pressure in systems to a certain range, so can avoid the phenomenon...
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  • small geared motors 
    Deceleration of the motor speed, stop position will only gear reduction motor depends on the pulse signal frequency and pulse number, and not by the load change and the corresponding changes in effect, when stepping drive it receives a pulse signal, will drive motor according to set the direction of a fixed point of view, called "step away from the Angle of rotation through the eyes...
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