At the time of use, geared motor temperature rise like how to solve?
One, to make the gear reduction motor stator winding turns or Brushless Gear Motor interphase short circuit or ground, make current increases, the damage increases with the overheating. If the fault is not serious, only need to add insulation, serious winding should be replaced.
Second, bearing damage or excessive wear, etc., make the stator and rotor collision, can check if there's any loose for bearing, stator and rotor is bad assembly.
Three above, if the voltage is more than 10% of the rated voltage in dc motor, or more than 5% below dc motor rated voltage, dc motor easy fever under rated load, higher temperature rise, should check and adjust the voltage.
Four, cage rotor broken bars or wound rotor coil joint loose, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm maintenance network too much electricity and heat. Welding repair or replacement can be made of copper strip rotor, rotor of cast aluminum rotor should be replaced.
Before drying operation will be affected with damp be affected with damp geared motor deceleration of the motor winding connection head together, chassis ground, so it can dry heating, three sets of winding for monitoring current changes in the process of drying, string into an ammeter, observe whether the current is to slow down the motor rated current. With dry dc geared motor slowdown motor without to overhaul, reduce the workload, at the same time under the condition of the electric gear motor with its own resistance heating, make the coil uniform heat, drying effect is better.
Geared motor drying operation connection and communication, the string 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox ammeter should be dc ammeter. Dry be affected with damp be affected with damp in gear reduction motor gear motor is easy to operate at the same time for large and medium-sized gear motor, high voltage reduction motor to dry for a long time. In this way, electric welding machine to work long hours, or large current work, its internal components will not damaged by large current job for a long time, so the speed Parallel Shaft Gearbox of large and medium-sized electrical pilot time to use. It is important to note that when using these two methods dry requires all contacts must be well connected and fastening, electric welding machine, lead wire with a special wire requirements section size should meet the carrying capacity of electric welding machine output current. Note that welding transformer cooling, at the same time, to ensure that no reduction motor insulation resistance is lower than 0.1 M Ω. Also pay close attention to adjust voltage current reduction motor winding temperature.