Used for high production of micro motor can't straight micro gear motor row of the atmosphere, such as direct platoon atmosphere will constitute the intake and exhaust pressure difference is too big, so that the high slip motor overload.
Micro motor pump before use it necessary to have, in the former stage pump suction pressure in systems to a certain range, so can avoid the phenomenon of overload. As a result of the micro motor rotor continuously flip turn, sucked the gas from the air inlet suction within the space between the rotor and the pump shell, then through vent discharge. So, when the edge at the top of the rotor turning vent, space and exhaust side are interlinked, because of the exhaust gas pressure is higher, there are part of the gas back rushed into the room, make the gas pressure increased abruptly. When the rotor continues to turn, the gas discharge.
The first is the torque (power), rotational speed and the Small Geared Motors requirements of the machine other performance data. You first need to properly design the parameters of the transmission scheme (quality, speed, speed range, etc.). These parameters will determine the power, torque, speed, etc. Followed by the installation space requirements, want to consider the feasibility and effectiveness of the space. Again is the micro gear motor and mechanical connection. Considering output shaft connected to the work of mechanical transmission method. After Zui is economy, will be effect cost analysis, and ensure the cost-effectiveness. To consider the whole life cost, output power output rotational speed, operating conditions (temperature, altitude, load cycle, radiation requirement of oil and gas, etc.).
First is to ensure that meet the requirements of clean degree Small Dc Gear Motor of motor parts, in the repair, a variety of different parts, the requirement of clean degree is not the same. In the assembly, cooperate with the cleaning requirements of higher than that of the mating parts, with higher than static matching parts, precision is higher than the precision with parts. For surface spraying, plating, bonding, the cleaning requirements are very high. When cleaning must take according to different requirements, different cleaning agents and cleaning method, ensure the quality of the required cleaning. Prevent corrosion of dc motor parts, the precision parts are not allowed to have any degree of corrosion. When the parts need to park for a period of time after cleaning, cleaning fluid should be considered rust resistance or consider other rust prevention measures. Ensure the operation safety, prevent fire damage to the environment.