What is Xaphyr ?

Xaphyr is a social network that allows you to make new friends, create common interests, grow your community and more. Xaphyr has multiple sections such as Xaphyr Ads, to propel your ad, Xaphyr Market, to sell your items, Xaphyr Movies, to watch movies in streaming, ...

Why choose us ?

Xaphyr is very concerned about your security and anonymity and that's why we guarantee you that we will NOT SHARE or RESOLD any of your data ! By joining our community you defend data protection and choose from your registration data that you want to share publicly, to your friends or that you keep private.

How can I make money with Xaphyr ?

Want to make money with Xaphyr? Share Xaphyr around you, to increase your affiliate credit. Interact with others, create new content, earn points and transfer them to your PayPal account or your Xaphyr Wallet to propel your ad on Xaphyr.

How to propel my advertising on Xaphyr ?

Our system Xaphyr Ads allows you to propel your advertising on Xaphyr. To do so, nothing is easier, credit your Xaphyr Wallet and select your type of package (by view or by clicks) and the position on our site of your advertising (in the newsfeed or in the sidebar). Start using Xaphyr Ads today !