Chloro-sulfonated Polyethylene Market: Introduction

  • Chloro-sulfonated polyethylene, also referred to as CSPE, is a family of chlorinated elastomers. Chloro-sulfonated polyethylene is manufactured by the reaction of polyethylene with chlorine and sulfur dioxide. The reaction changes thermoplastic polyethylene into a synthetic elastomer that can be compounded and vulcanized.
  • Basic polyethylene has properties such as chemical inertness, resistance to damage caused by moisture, and good dielectric strength. However, when a chlorine molecule is inserted in the polymer, its resistance to fire (self-extinguishing), oil, and the action of microorganisms increases. Also, it exhibits good adhesion to various surfaces.
  • Chloro-sulfonated polyethylene compounds offer excellent resistance to ozone, oxidation, sunlight (color degradation), and weather. They are also capable of providing excellent resistance to alkalis and acids.

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Applications of Chloro-sulfonated Polyethylene

  • In terms of application, the global chloro-sulfonated polyethylene market can be divided into construction, automotive, wires & cables, coatings, rubber, industrial products, and others. Other uses of chloro-sulfonated polyethylene include manufacture of tubes, tank linings, rubber gaskets, and protective layers, which are acid resistant and resistant to ozone. Well-known consumer products include shoe soles and garden hoses.
  • Chloro-sulfonated polyethylene vulcanizates have excellent ozone resistance and weatherability, owing to their unique molecular structure. In addition, properly formulated chloro-sulfonated polyethylene vulcanizates have excellent resistance to heat, oil, chemicals, and aging.
  • Chloro-sulfonated polyethylene is primarily applied in insulating sheathes and jackets of cables, as it is grease proof, deformation proof, and acid proof and it has anti-breaking and anti-abrasion properties
  • Chloro-sulfonated polyethylene is primarily used in coatings of ebonite compounds, in addition to anti-corrosion coatings of the inside and outside walls of plants and equipment  under acidic and alkali conditions, due to anti-weather and aging characteristics and acid-proof, alkali-proof and solvent-proof properties of chloro-sulfonated polyethylene
  • Chloro-sulfonated polyethylene is used in power steering and oil cooler hoses for automobiles and industrial hydraulic hoses, wherein impulse testing is performed at temperatures of up to 150°C. Chloro-sulfonated polyethylene is also widely used for fuel hose covers and in various vacuum and emission tubing applications.

Drivers of Global Chloro-sulfonated Polyethylene Market

  • Chloro-sulfonated polyethylene elastomers are made with the help of eco-friendly technologies. They have excellent resistance to heat, oil, fuel, ozone, and UV rays. Properly formulated compounds have good dynamic properties and they offer strong adhesion to various substrates.
  • Good electric properties, exceptional toughness and abrasion resistance, and a flexible cure mechanism make chlorosulfonated polyethylene suitable for use in specialty wire and cable applications
  • Good dynamic properties and outstanding adhesion to substrates such as fabrics and brass-coated steel make chlorosulfonated polyethylene a unique choice for use in hoses and belting

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Asia Pacific to Hold a Major Share of Global Chloro-sulfonated Polyethylene Market

  • In terms of region, the global chloro-sulfonated polyethylene market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa
  • Low manufacturing costs, increasing disposable incomes, and rising construction activities in Asia Pacific drive the market for chloro-sulfonated polyethylene in the region. China held a leading share of the market in the region in 2018, owing to presence of promising construction industry in the country. China, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia are key countries of the chloro-sulfonated polyethylene market in Asia Pacific.
  • Increasing construction activities and rising exports are factors responsible for high production of chloro-sulfonated polyethylene in Europe
  • GCC and various other economies are anticipated to witness rise in sales of chloro-sulfonated polyethylene in the next few years
  • On the other hand, North America is estimated to witness significant rise in the demand for chloro-sulfonated polyethylene, while the markets in Western Europe and Japan are projected to rebound from the recent decline during the forecast period

Key Players Operating in Global Market

The global chloro-sulfonated polyethylene market is fragmented, with market players focusing on incorporating advanced technologies to gain higher market share. Online portals are used by various companies as a mode for selling their products. These players offer a complete portfolio of products and focus on different business strategies to strengthen their market position.