Indoor wall mounted electric fireplaces are a good way to experience real fire at home, and wall-mounted fireplace installations will not take up much space. Wall mounted electric fireplaces do not need to be embedded in the wall like other forms of electric fireplaces, so they are easier to install and can be installed on most flat walls in your home. What should I consider when buying a wall mounted electric fireplace?

Wall mounted electric fireplaces are designed to be as thin as possible so that they do not protrude too far from the wall. Even if they are thinner than other types of fireplaces, they can still produce a beautiful flame effect while warming your home.

Therefore, wall mounted electric fireplaces are a huge investment for your home, so we put this complete guide on the best wall mounted electric fireplaces you can buy right now.

We are always looking for electric fireplaces that can be hung on the wall of the spare bedroom, so we have done a lot of research on them. Therefore, we have also summarized the factors that you should consider when buying an electric fireplace installed on the wall, such as size, flame color, etc.

What to consider when buying a wall mounted electric fireplace

When buying an electric fireplace to be installed on the wall surface, you need to consider many things in order to find the right fireplace for your home.

Things to consider when buying a wall mounted electric fireplace are:

1) On which wall of your home the wall mounted electric fireplace will be installed, so what size fireplace is most suitable.

2) How will wall mounted electric fireplaces gain power?

3) Flame effect color and ember bed selection.

4) Other functions of wall mounted electric fireplace, such as constant temperature heating control and remote control.

wall mounted electric fireplace

Electricity supply for wall mounted electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces need power from a household power source to make the flame effect and heater work.

Some electric fireplaces used on walls will have plugs. Therefore, you need to install the fireplace on a nearby wall with a standard electrical outlet, or install an electrical outlet suitable for the location of the fireplace.

Others will be provided as direct wiring devices and need to be connected to your home appliance to work, but many can be purchased with optional plug kits so that you can plug the device into a power outlet instead of wiring directly.

Flame of wall mounted electric fireplace

All electric fireplaces on your wall will produce beautiful flames, so your choice of electric fireplace can be boiled down to your preference for the flame effect and the appearance of the ember bed.

Many flames have different color options, the most common being the traditional orange and blue.

Some wall mounted electric fireplaces also allow you to change the appearance of the ember bed, the most common are logs and glass, but you can also find fireplaces with coal or rock ember beds.


All wall mounted electric fireplaces on our list are equipped with a heater integrated in the unit, which means you can enjoy the flames while also heating the room. In addition, all the fireplaces in this guide heat very similar areas, so there is not much difference between each model in terms of how much space they can heat.If you want to be able to keep your room at a constant temperature, then look for a wall mounted electric fireplace with thermostatic heat control.

Other functions

Most of these types of wall mounted electric fireplaces come with a remote control, but some have more functions than others.

Some remotes will be able to control all settings on the fireplace, while other remotes may only be able to turn the flame effect or heater on and off.

The above is about several major issues that need to be considered when buying a wall mounted electric fireplace. Indoor wall mounted electric fireplaces are very popular in modern homes.The wall-mounted fireplace is very suitable for minimalist style decoration.

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