Fang Yi didn't come out for a long time, not because he didn't want to come out, but because he was too busy some time ago. The old man in the family pushed all the things to him, and the pressure suddenly increased a lot. Today, he really didn't stand up to Huang Fei and came out. Maybe it was because he didn't drink with his brothers for a long time. Today, he drank a little dizzy. After drinking, Huang Fei pulled this guy here for entertainment. After sitting for a while, the strength of the wine came up. He let the guy cry and howl here, but he didn't expect that someone would throw himself into his arms while sitting so honestly. Fang Yi looked down at the man in his arms, Yingxiu's eyebrows, a pair of black and bright eyes with water vapor, straight nose, natural pink lips without any modification, looking at it, the hands that were standing on his chest suddenly ignited his body temperature, Fang Yi did not even think about it. Feng Chen Chuyang was bewitched by those eyes for a few seconds, suddenly realized where he was, what he was doing, a cold back, bad, really in trouble, just look at the formation of these people inside is not like ordinary people, not to mention annoying their own salary is not counted, light flying out of the bottle of wine is enough for her to drink a pot, this month is in vain. Thinking of this, Chu Yang felt that his heart was twitching, and then found that his posture was really ambiguous, hurriedly holding the man's chest to think of, did not think of this person under the body. Fang Yi clasped the back of Chu Yang's head with one hand and pressed it down. At the same time, he turned his head sideways and put his lips together. Chu Yang was unprepared for a moment, and he pulled him to his body again. As if time suddenly stagnated, all the people's expressions and movements formed a fixed frame, except Fang Yi. Huang Fei's mouth seemed to be stuffed with eggs, oh, not such a big egg, it should be a goose egg: Oh, my God! When did the boss have this hobby! Are you interested in boys,S Adenosyl Methionine, too? Chu Yang was silly, his brain was blank for a moment, and there was no reaction. Fang Yi Shuang, unexpectedly cool and sweet, seems to feel not enough, he used his tongue to pry open the soft lips, want to absorb more sweet. Chu Yang suddenly woke up from the shock, his hands propped up, stood up straight and quickly retreated two steps, away from the goat, looking at him with a face of enjoyment, blurred eyes with a trace of puzzlement to look at himself, Chu Yang wanted to slap him a few times, but as soon as he raised his hand, out of the corner of his eye swept to the side of a few covetous men, and his hand went down in a daze. As soon as he gritted his teeth, he turned around and ran out. Fang Yi is still half lying in the sofa, half with a smile on his face, L Methylfolate Factory ,D BHB Factory, there is no reaction, he is really drinking a little high. Huang Fei looked at the eldest brother seems to be more than enough expression, his face showed a malicious smile, well, he knows what to do, if this thing can not be done for the eldest brother, how can he sit in the second chair of the Han Gang! Hooked his hands, called two men, whispered a few words, and so on. Two men a face suddenly enlightened expression, the face also showed the same smile as Huang Fei, nodded, led the life to go. Not to mention a little brother who delivers wine, even if Miss Hong, the top brand here, is taken in by our brother Fang, she has to be sent to brother Fang's bed immediately. Fang Yi's head is still a little dizzy, half squinting eyes, still in the aftertaste of the cool and sweet taste just now, is it too long since he has not contacted a woman? He wanted to. Chu Yang ran into the staff lounge, can not help but hit a cold war, today really back, met such a pervert! Chu Yang wiped his lips hard in disgust, but he could not wipe off the hot feeling he had left on it. He remembered that he still had contact lenses in his mouth. He was busy spitting out again, but it took him a long time to find only one lens. He did not know whether he swallowed it nervously or was eaten by the bastard. Chu Yang is a little distressed, more than two hundred yuan, so gone. How did she know that there were more exaggerated things waiting for her! When Chu Yang was kidnapped by two big men into the luxury suite, she could not believe that what had happened would be true. Boy, be sensible. It's troublesome for everyone to be young. "A man with a buzz cut threatened, and then he left the room with another one. Chu Yang did not expect to have such an adventure today. He was taken in by a man who looked like the boss of the underworld. And what he took in was not her as a woman, but the" he "of the younger brother who delivered the wine!"! Isn't the world a little chaotic? Is it true that homosexuality has become so popular? Chu Yang does not understand, but also know that now is not the time to study this social problem, now the most important thing is how to escape from here, otherwise when the eldest brother comes, he will suffer. Call the police ? Chu Yang first ruled out this road, not to mention whether the police uncle can arrive in time, even if he arrived, I'm afraid he can't stop his future disaster, and she's afraid of being retaliated later! Chu Yang gently opened the door, not surprisingly to see the two big men still guarding the door, laughing at them twice, hurriedly shrank back to close the door, the heart more panic up, look at this room, a typical luxury suite, the big bed in the bedroom came into view, Chu Yang actually felt some burning panic. Is fidgeting, but the door was opened, Fang Yi footsteps slightly staggered in, the door closed behind him at the moment, Chu Yang startled to jump. Fang Yi looked up at the little boy who was standing in the middle of the room, and his face could not help showing a playful smile. Unexpectedly, Huang Fei said that the surprise was him. Fang Yi sat down in the big sofa half on his back. He did not know whether it was because of alcohol or because the air conditioning in the room was not very good. He felt a little hot and pulled two more buttons of his shirt, revealing his strong chest. Women, he touched a lot, but men, he has not touched, before to see some brothers in the circle to play this mouth also feel a little sick, but do not know what is going on today,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, see the clean little boy in front of him, but there is no feeling of nausea. Maybe Huang Fei's arrangement is not bad. Maybe it's good to try once in a while, he thought.