The flashy dunk is achieved by holding down R2 or RT while running towards the basket and then flicking either stick to the left in any way NBA 2K MT. A flashy dunk can be executed by any athlete who owns the elite or professional dunk packages with the corresponding Dunk Rating and Vertical.

The type of flashy move that the player is expected to perform depends on their height, rating, and position in the court as they perform the move. If a player is running from the baseline will result in the sideline dunk. However, a player running from the wings will execute a one-handed hammer.

A dominant or offhand dunk executed by pressing down on R2 or RT , and then shifting the sticks of the right either to the left or right as the player is running to the paint. The hand the player will use to dunk is determined by the direction you are flicking the right stick while performing the action.

The impact and force of the hit will not matter whether it is their dominant hand or their off-hand the dunk is completed. In the event that the player successfully completes the move, you'll be awarded two points for grace.

The putback dunk occurs by pressing the shoot button - either the square or X button - as the ball is getting ready to fall off the paint Buy 2K22 MT. The putback dunk from NBA 2K22 is done when another player misses a shot and your player is near the vicinity of the paint to re-do the miss in a flashy manner.