After reading my previous posts about wholesale and articles, you should be able locate bargains and understand that they must to be purchased at deep enough blue world city Islamabad discounts that you are able to deal them with investors who will then earn their own profit from these deals. Here we'll assume you have the best deals but simply don't have buyers to buy them.

So how do you find Cash buyers?

1. First, it's important to connect to your community REIA meetings. You can find your local real estate investment association's meetings on It is important to attend regularly for a chance to meet your local investors and what they're looking for. Some prefer large-scale rehabs, some like smaller, some want properties they can put less into and then hold long term as rentals and they want to purchase those with equity already in them.

2. In many areas there are a variety of investor meetings through Also, make sure to attend and network so you become recognized as the local who has wholesale properties.

3. Check out the local Landlord Association meetings. They're actually running the business , and are usually looking for more properties for them.

4. Contact all bandit signs you find and check if any those investors are interested in your deals. Request permission to add their email address and contact number to your list of potential buyers.

5. Find names of phone numbers, names, and email addresses at every gathering you attend. This is how you build your investor list for mailing. I'm always asked where to get a list of potential purchasers and vendors. It's not available for purchase, you make it for yourself. It's not easy, but you do not need a lot names. The names you should include on your list is quality names - those who are really in business and have the funds, the desire and the ability to purchase offers from your. It doesn't require a lot of names to make a good list.

6. If you're able to make great deals that are worth pursuing, you don't have to talk to a lot of investors to make them sell. If you talk to six investors, and they're still not sold, they're not deals meaning you're paying excessively for the product or expecting too much gain when you re-sell.

7. Be proactive. If there aren't any good investor meetings near you, set up one. It's not a solo enterprise; you have to be networking and part of the investor group in order to succeed.

8. If you've got several deals on the market, they may not actually be bargains. If your properties don't sell quickly, they're probably priced to high.

9. Have you got the most suitable investors for your deal? If you're locating mobile homes are you able to find mobile buyers in your database? If you purchase in distressed areas Do you have investors looking for the deals? Make sure your buyer's list is broad enough that you have buyers for every type of deal you find.

10. Do you have good deals? If you really have great offers, then investors are likely to turn a profit when they buy from you and they will return time and again. Soon, you won't be looking for investor buyers, they'll be seeking your services.