In New World's live game, the war is a 50-on-50 affair, with 100 players smashing each other to take control of the fort and, in turn, the area where the fort is located. On the PTR, though, the latest patch notes show War is now 40vs40, which means the developers broke their reasoning about one of the biggest changes on the current New World PTR.

The developers say the team is testing both reducing players and changing how defenders are spawned throughout the war. As the development team is looking for ways to more easily coordinate New World's corporate leaders, making actual combat more tactical and feel less cluttered, fewer players may improve performance with fewer people involved.

The testing on the PTR will hopefully help to adjust the attacker/defender win percentage to a more balanced level. According to the New World team, defenders currently win around 80% of all wars, and the team hopes to Buy New World Coins see that number approaching a 60% win rate. With this change, Amazon hopes it can change the odds of winning.

However, players are already having a hard time entering a war, and 20 fewer slots will only make it more difficult. War in New World is limited to 50 players, which means some players may never get the chance to experience war. By removing 20 people, it just gets harder and harder for some players to get picked. So this change does not seem to be welcomed by players.

Other players want wars to be faction-locked to ensure that those involved in wars have vested interests. The developers recently stated that the team is currently delaying testing 40v40 Wars, instead focusing more on the respawn changes while working to ensure more players can participate in Wars. If players want to get 100% Safe New World Coins, then is the best choice. By the way, NewWorldCoins offers all players the cheapest New World Coins to help players become stronger.