To make New World's gear scores more linear and provide a sense of progression, Amazon has changed the difficulty of endgame combat and nerfed chest drops. New World players will get expert value associated with their different items which determines their gear score, just like the previous watermark level, it will also lower the player's GS if another patch next year is lower than the expert value .

Amazon's decision to Buy New World Coins drop the idea of ​​lowering New World players' gear scores may defeat the purpose of buying better items from marketplaces. What this actually means for players is that they can now safely buy better items, which players can still benefit from even if those items have a higher gear score than their current gear.

New World players have been using this method so much that many reach level 60 before purchasing GS 580 items from the Trading Post and instantly soaring their progress. It would be unfair for players who have already increased their watermarks and gear scores to suddenly lower everything. However, the idea is still to reduce the GS of items acquired after the patch to the player's feat value.

In New World's December patch, players have a chance to gain access to new perks. Players who acquire new armor or weapons have the potential to change one's gear score. To mitigate the effects of the expert system, players should try to get the highest GS item they can find right now, and end up picking the best item overall.

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