Most women that I speak with are having good hair color days and critical hair color days.


The critical days can be easily corrected with these tips. I have found most women benefit from these tips, whether they do their hair at their kitchen sink or have it done in the salon.


When needing to cut cost(s), some of you will consider the Drug Store products for "at-home" use rather than the salon. Often times you genuinely believe this is the least costly way for hair color, but you end up finding it much more expensive if you mess it up. When you don't get just the right shade...or the ends are darker than you wanted them, you will need to call the salon to fix them. Yes! The Box does typically cost about $12.95, however, you could mess it up!


You will know what I am saying if you have ever tried to cut your own hair at home. You might even have sad memories of watching the big gash you made grow out. With bad hair cuts you can change a part, or your hair style, until it grows out. But when bad hair color shows designer wigs for sale up, much more vividly than you wanted, it demands being fixed.


Some will say "Oh! It's not the money, it's finding the time." Often we seem to find the right time for everyone else but not find time for ourselves. This can change with the following.


Others will say, "Well I spend the money and I have my roots done every month, but my hair always seems to look dried out." This can be fixed with small changes.


Tips for Good Hair Color Days:


These easy steps will help you get the most complementary results with hair color, whether you're enhancing your natural born locks with a bottle of color yourself...or going to the professional.




First, take some time for yourself to relax and simply care for just you. Second, if going to the hair salon, book your appointment early in the day or late in the afternoon (before and after the crowd). You won't have to wait because the professional isn't running late, which could happen in a busy salon.




Take into consideration the full cost of the hair color service before you schedule it. Explore the exact service you want. At first, choose a simple process that will fit into your budget and your way of life. This can always change when your available budget changes. If you do choose to go the "at-home" way, be sure you follow the directions closely and don't change your hair color more than 1-2 shades the first time. Also, save the box top and remember your shade for the next time.




When you know what you want you will save time and money. If you have never colored your hair before, it will generally cost a lot less if you're only wishing to add an "all over" luster. It will cost much more if you want to go from dark brown to light blonde (see the professional for this). Highlights and Lowlights will also cost much more than an average one process color. designer wigs for sale Corrective ...bring a big check. The free consultation will eliminate the guess work about the processes needed for all hair color services.


Free Consultation:


Always go to the salon for a free consultation before you do your hair color or decide to do your hair at home. During this time with the professional, you will find out just what shade of color will most compliment your skin tone and the exact cost of the service ...and just how long it will take. You get all of this valuable information for free. This could save you a lot of money and a lot of heartache.


Hair Condition:


The good and the bad of it. If you were born with beautiful healthy hair, it will generally keep the over all shine and health through out your hair color services. But, if you have dry or ultra thin hair to start with, you could have continues dryness after hair color. If your hair is dry after color try, these simple steps, before you color your own hair or have the service in the salon.


    Condition every week with a rich treatment or conditioner. If you feel it will make your "fine hair" more limp, rinse with warmer water. Also, choose the treatment that is non- oily.

    Before you color your hair, use a treatment and rinse it out, and dry your hair. You can do this yourself or ask the colorist to do it. This will help retain the moisture in the hair shaft and protect it from the color chemicals.


After your hair color service use a "leave in" conditioner. This will help retain the moisture until the next shampoo. Almost all professional companies that sell in the hair salon, or beauty supply, sell these products.


Last Word:


Beautiful hair color doesn't have to be difficult. Always start with small steps and then move into the more involved processes. This will help alleviate the stress color mistakes create and keep you in your hair color budget. Remember... all you are looking for is hair bundles beautiful hair color this may take time.