When it comes to furnishing a meeting room, a traditional layout is often chosen. Such as a square conference table surrounded by a number of conference chairs. But there are more options when it comes to furnishing meeting rooms. Read special and original solutions in the article.

Purpose of the meeting

To arrive at a suitable layout for your meeting room, you must first determine the purpose of the meetings that you will hold in this room. In this way you arrive at the correct layout of your office. The purpose determines which device best suits the purpose. This will make a meeting much more effective, enjoyable and calmer. For example, a meeting room with an oval conference table is recommended when information needs to be shared. However, a standing table with bar stools is again preferred when it comes to collaboration and creativity. When sensitive topics need to be discussed, a living room arrangement is preferred.

The right seats

Good chairs are of course indispensable for meeting rooms. When choosing the ideal conference chair, it is also important to take into account how the space will be used. Depending on this, you can determine the preconditions for the ideal conference chair. Does it have to be a leather chair, for example? Or fabric? And should the chair be adjustable in height? Or do you want a robust one. You can probably already determine many of the foregoing points based on the conditions you came up with in point 1. In addition, it is important to think about the durability of a conference chair. A chair with leather upholstery is probably more expensive, but also wears a lot less quickly than a chair with fabric upholstery. It is wise to test the chair thoroughly before purchasing.

The space

In addition to the purpose, the available space is of course also important. There is a minimum size of 2 m2 per person for a meeting room. Smaller rooms are therefore ideal for meetings or consultations in small groups. If the group consists of 10 people, a large meeting room is of course required. This space must have a minimum size of 20 m2.

Formal or informal

Are the meetings often formal or informal in nature? If it concerns an informal meeting, it is not necessary for the room to be closed off. You can then take a seat with colleagues in the designated seating area in the open-plan office. However, a formal meeting requires a closed room. This is to ensure that sensitive information remains private. Furnishing solutions can be devised for all forms of meetings. Of course, suitable office furniture such as conference tables, conference chairs, bar stools and benches can be supplied for every solution. Of course, your space is not unlimited, so think carefully in advance which types of meetings take place within your company and adjust the layout accordingly.

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