Formany, one of the most important aspects, of the so - called, American Dream, is owning, a home, which is theirs! If and when one is prepared and has his eyes, wide - open and is able to see realistically blue world city Islamabad, the expenses of home ownership, he will typically, steer clear of many of the challenges and plan accordingly. However, many people think, and focus on, only, the original expenses for putting together, the down - payment, and qualifying for loans that are affordable. However, after, over 15 yearsof being a real Estate Licensed Salesperson, throughout the State of New York, I have been able to consider that agents owe their clients and their customers more insight, and understanding to be, better - prepared, for the potential eventualities. In this regard, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review and then discuss the 6 costs that come with, this experience.

1. Mortgage factors:Most people purchase a home by making use of, a mortgage loan, components of which include the repayment of principal, interest, and considerations for escrow (including, real estate taxes as well as mandated insurance).

2. utilities:We each pay, several utilities, every day, such as electric heat, water and so on. While, some of thesehave less than others while others are substantially greater, smart homeowners look at the total total, of all utilities, and make plans accordingly!

3. Immediate renovations, and cosmetic modifications:What renovations, repairs such as these could be the most important, and crucial prior to the time you move into your new residence? Determine which ones are immediately, needed, and required, in contrast cosmetic changes which you'd like and are planning to make. Be aware of what they might cost and how much they will!

4. Furniture, and fixtures:Whether it's your first home, or if you are moving upwards, or moving down, your current furniture and fixtures could not work, or be incompatible (in certain ways) for the new location! No matter what the reason, about the size, or amount of furniture, fixtures or changing tastes/ preferences, or other factors, be prepared for these costs because, they, might, make a difference, and create stresses.

5. Repairs reserve:Few people, adequately look at, orplan for repairs. The reality of home ownership is, there will always be some needed, or/ desirable, repair need or want! The best way to deal with this is would be to allocate every month in a reserve fund, sufficient amounts, to be prepared as you can.

6. Reserve for major costs, contingencies and renovations: Whether, you think that the new home is moving-in ready, or not, over - time there will be contingenciesand major expenses. These items include heating, appliances, ventilation, air - conditioning, etc. Also, frequently our requirements, priorities or preferences evolve, and we may need to remodel, etc. in the near future.

The idea of owning a home, for many can be a wonderful experience but for others, it could turn into the ultimate nightmare! Are you willing to proceed, with a plan to maximize your enjoyment from this crucial move, and also the knowledge.