Greater Burdock Market outlook

Rising number of contagious diseases are resulting in people being prone to pathogenic infections very easily. Though conventional medicine is quite sophisticated, people show a keen interest in traditional medicine as it has no ill effects on our health which created a huge demand in alternative herbal medicine. Greater burdock is one such detoxifying herb which is commonly known as Arctium lappa. It is a species of the sunflower family that is predominantly found in Europe. It’s a biennial plant which can grow up to 3 meters long. The root of greater burdock is known for its medicinal values which helps in dried root trade Greater burdock is found to be rich in minerals, as the roots grow very deep into the ground for about two feet. Greater burdock has anti carcinogenic properties called essiac which is found to be preventive herb for cancer which is promoted in companies such as New Direction Aromatics Inc., Nature’s answerGreater burdock also namely lignans and caffeoylquinic acids in high concentrations which acts as an anti-oxidants thereby treating cancer. More recently, greater burdock is being used as an active ingredient in hair tonics to treat baldness and cosmetics for moisturizing skin. Due to flexible growth conditions & requirements, greater burdock can be easily cultivated in any moist location, which increased its production in North America Since it has antibiotic action, greater burdock is used to treat a sore throat, cold, skin infections such as acne, eczema, psoriasis which created its exigency globally which is anticipated to drive the growth of the global greater burdock market over the forecast period.

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Reasons for covering this topic:

The Greater burdock is predominantly used for detoxifying the blood. Recent evidence has found that burdock root can remove toxins from the bloodstream. A 2011 study found that greater burdock root has effectively detoxified the blood and promoted increased circulation. However, it is also used to treat the condition such as arthritis, diabetes, inflammation, herpes, impetigo, ringworm, boils, bites, and wrinkles which have been rising over the years due to its antioxidant & anti-inflammatory property. As greater burdock is also available as ‘organic’, people tend to avail it more than conventional products which account for its expeditious global market. In addition, one of the major advantages of Greater burdock is that it can be easily cultivated anywhere without involving many endeavors & capital thus helping the manufacturers in attaining suitable profit margin. In Japan, the roots of greater burdock are eaten traditionally along with salads & soups which anticipated fuel the growth of its market. The roots can be taken in a user-friendly form such as soups, salads & tea. Greater Burdock is found throughout Europe, Africa, Northern Asia and North America. This growing demand has been seen throughout the continents, which accounts for the escalation in the greater burdock market.

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Global Greater Burdock Market: key players

Some of the key players in the Greater burdock market includes Solaray Burdock, Oregon’s Wild Harvest, Dr.Christopher’s burdock, Nature’s Answer, The Vitamin Shoppe, Now foods, and Nature’s way,New Direction Aromatics Inc.

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Opportunities for greater burdock market participants:

Herbal products have more attention and demand in recent due to growing consciousness of well-being and healthy among the people. Thus it can be assured that Greater burdock can be one among them gaining consumer’s attention. As the demand for greater burdock roots & seeds is increased due to its better healing properties, it's a golden opportunity for manufacturers to invest in them. Multi-utility herb such as greater burdock will always stay in the market with increasing demand every now and then. Thus there is wider opportunity ensured for the forecast period.

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Global Greater Burdock Market: A Regional outlook

As mentioned the Greater burdock is native to Europe & Asia, which has now germinated in North America. It has the foremost market in Japan as it is used as an active daily food product in salads & soups followed by the Asia Pacific where numerous herbal products are being manufactured. Greater burdock has moderate growth of the market in Europe as it is sparsely cultivated. It has a lower market potential in North America as it is introduced recently, however it is emerging rates of production in North America. Thus it can be forecasted that there is huge demand developing for greater burdock in future.