De-personalise your space

If it's about the inside of your house You shouldn't feel overly sentimental about what you have in your home in blue world city Islamabad. They may have great meaning to the owner, but they'll be of no value to potential buyers therefore, get rid of those family photographs and family items that are heirlooms, as they only be a distraction for the buyer. The same applies to trophies or any unusual personal collections you might own i.e. pig ornaments.


We all collect an amazing number of things over time. We rarely use or 'see' them any longer; we just keep them where we dumped, gathering dust. This is the time to clear them out. Donate them to a charity, car boot them, or give the items to charity shops or wrap them in a blanket and place them in a safe location. Do not keep things just in case - if you've not used it in the past six months, it's unlikely that you'll ever use it. Don't forget about children's toys, old clothes bookshelves that are overflowing and old bills.


Be sure to check your home for those tiny nagging issues that you've been ignoring for months. The fewer imperfections that a person can see, the better. So now is the perfect time to replace those broken tiles and worktops that are damaged; repair leaky faucets and floorboards that creak, ensure that all doors in the house shut and open properly, as well as to look over the skirting boards, light switches and plug sockets for paint drips.


Everywhere! Clean all corners and walls with the help of a feather duster. Take out all the cupboards cabinetry, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets - anything that can be open by a "nosey" eye as dirty, untidy, cramped storage gives an impression that there isn't enough space. This is also true for white appliances - clean the insides of your fridge freezer, cooker, washing machine and dryer. Clean the windows inside and out, clean the curtains and blinds. Check that your doors, both external and internal are free of dust and clean. In the event that you are pet-friendly, wash their bedding regularly to remove pet odors and keep pet hair to the minimal.

Room staging

You must ensure that each space has a function and that the reason is clear. You don't want a viewer asking themselves what the room is actually used to serve.


  • Living room This is where new owners are hoping to see their own relaxation, therefore it's essential to give the right impression. The illusion of space is important so don't have a cramped space - take down the furniture items that don't belong so the room look spacious. If you've got a spectacular view Do not obscure it using heavy curtain nets or many knick-knacks on the window sill. Keep it simple. If you have outdoor doors, do not put a sofa in their way of access. Play around with the placement of furniture until you're content with the impression it gives. The floor must be neat and clean, therefore, if required, get your carpets professionally cleaned. Protect any worn sofas with throws. Invest in some new cushions and lampshades If your furniture is looking a bit damaged. You may also brighten it the look with a coat of paint and a few accessories. Make sure you keep your children's or pet toys from view.
  • Dining Room Same rules are in place for those who live in. You may either place the table or put an attractive centre piece for your display. Make sure that chairs are properly tucked in and there is plenty of room to move around comfortably.
  • Kitchen Get as clear of the kitchen worktops as you can. Have minimum items on display. Check that towels are in good condition and clean. If the kitchen is looking old-fashioned, replace handles with new handles. Make sure that any children's artwork is kept to a minimum, and the same goes for the cookery books displayed. Put fruit on display in a bowl. Make sure that it's fresh.
  • Bedrooms should feel inviting clean and tidy is a must. Do not display any clothes carpets, nice with fluffy and spotless. The bedding should be spotless, ironed and matching. Consider buying new cushions and bedding if necessary and bring in a vase of fresh flowers. Make sure all clothes are placed neatly in your wardrobes and shoes are well-organized.
  • Bathrooms Hide away as many of your personal grooming tools as possible. Put kids' toys away. Make sure you purchase expensive products like soaps or hand lotions and put them on display. Clean, matching towels are an absolute must.


Follow these steps prior toyou make contact with the Estate Agent to inquire about a valuation that could make an impact on your price.

The day of the viewing

Before the guests arrive when guests arrive, make sure you remove all traces (including hair of pets) and invite your spouse to take them out for an outing. Invigorate the room with fresh flowers and sprays for the room. The windows should be opened for breath of fresh air. Make sure there are no appliances being used - no washing machine or dryer, and definitely no fried breakfast as well as bacon butties.