Old, it seems to be the taste du jour in the golden emirate. Dubai with all its glamour and glam is one place where the old is valued more than the modern. It seems that the crowd thinks so.

This year, there was a staggering sixteen percent increase in the number of people visiting places of historical significance in desert safari dubai packages. It is the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing or the DTCM as it is commonly called, had 1,009,848 visitors in 2008 compared to the 873,831 that was recorded the year before.

These are interesting statistics as they highlight how flawed the Dubai criticism of the city's attitude regarding its heritage structures actually is.

Tourists coming for safaris on the desert in Dubai can also take a trip to this Hatta Heritage Village, situated deep in the outlying deserts of the Emirates. This village has been well preserved and is an ideal location for tourists to see the Dubai of old.

Aside from there is the Hatta Heritage Village, Sheikh Sayeed's House Heritage Village, the Diving Village as well as the Naif Museum and the Al Ahmadiah School are the more sought-after destinations to visit while on dubai.

Additionally, these websites are protected by the DTCM. of the DTCM also, which makes it easier for the body to evaluate the reactions of visitors and preferences.

If you're attending Dubai conventions, or just going to the emirate for a brief safari in Dubai be sure to get a glimpse of the old Dubai via these heritage trails.

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