Remember that time when you needed urgent cash, went to the nearest ATM, and found out that it is 'Out of Order'? You are not alone. Nobody likes the feeling of finding out that the ATM is not working. If this happens on a busy day, this can quickly throw off the image of the service provider and people might start withdrawing cash from some other ATM. It is wise for an ATM company to regularly conduct ATM maintenance by an ATM technicianso that they can avoid dealing with frustrated customers. To know more, visit here.

Here are listed some common problems you should be aware of before you go to use ATM again:

1. Dispenser Problems: This is one of the most serious ATM problems encountered by customers. It's likely that if the dispenser isn't working properly, the consumer won't obtain the correct quantity of money out of the machine. Or, in the worst-case scenario, no cash is issued and the funds are deducted from the customer's account. In this case, the ATM provider will have to deal with a consumer complaint alleging that the ATM's mechanisms are defective. To know more, visit

2. Faulty Card Reader: A card reader is a machinery used to read the magnetic identifying information on the customer's card. When the card reader is not functioning properly, the customer is unable to access his account. Regular ATM maintenance ensures replacement or repair of the card reader before it becomes a major issue.

3. Software Malfunction: Increased computer-based usage in banking technologies has led to the incorporation of software inside an ATM. To ensure the proper functioning of the ATM, the software needs to be regularly updated by an ATM service professional.

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Consolidated Banking Services, Inc. is a security service provider to banks and ATM company.

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