UNDERCOVER recently collaborated with Japanese brands sacai and Nike LDWaffle, Sneakerheads2020 and launched not one or two, but three different colors, which succinctly represent Takahashi-kun’s taste of color blocks. Compared with GYAKUSOU's running aesthetics, the production of three colors perfectly fits the layered appearance of Nike LDWaffle, which is why the upcoming Waffle One SE looks so attractive. This upcoming version seems to have a similar palette of "night maroon" color schemes, only if these have their own touch of brown-red hue. Maybe a simple change of lace can achieve the same effect, or if you are ambitious, a quick brush of paint elsewhere. However, this Waffle One itself is clean, and we can see that once it is listed on the Nike website at the end of December or early 2022, it will become a popular choice.

Did not tell if the bad bunny will disappear after the earth faces a historic concert in his hometown of Puerto Rico on Friday, December 10th, but even with him, it seems that his Adidas forum cooperation will make him deduct low", "Recently Appears in the hue of the yellow color design. Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio (Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio)'s latest New Jordan ancestor series (adidas Originals) is similar to the first three products, combining high-quality suede, leather and canvas materials. It's still too early to say what the couple's inspiration is, but this pale yellow is likely to touch the closest thing to the 27-year-old. (The inspiration for the past release came from the first cup of coffee every morning, the Easter bunny and shoes suitable for school uniforms.) Bad Bunny's fourth Adidas shoe may be paired with a detachable tongue accessory and a soft dust bag, because of this The shoes are very light in color, so they may be available in spring. As one of the oldest classics of Adidas, Forum Hi is the perfect match for retro style. And this upcoming color scheme, although it deviates from OGs, dial these closer to 11. The leather paneling of the entire pair of shoes alternates between bleached and yellow and white, effectively blending modern and retro influences. But in the end, the latter won, because the edges showed a natural tan, as dark as the tongue label and heel label. The adjacent gray is used less frequently and is given to the stripes of the collar, tongue and suede structure. Finally, as a colorful ending reminder, the pair appears bright yellow under the counter.

Sneakersnstuff (social networking site) is very busy in 2021. Unsurprisingly, the Stockholm-based organization will work until the end of the year, as it will release the adidas Forum 84 Low luxury collaboration model on December 20. Although the color matching is simple, Hey Dude Women's Shoes ,the latest work of adidas Originals incorporates a large number of royal details in its 37-year design. The high-quality leather is accompanied by artificial snakeskin elements, high-grade suede cover and shiny gold hardware. The slightly yellowed midsole injects a touch of retro into this three-striped shoe. With its sleek silhouette and versatile color scheme, this three-striped shoe is popular all year round. Under the feet, the basketball-designed outsole is matched with the tried-and-tested black makeup to make the whole look more perfect. In addition to using the partnership with Three Stripes to create compelling products, SNS has also carefully planned the upcoming Adidas forum to remind the community of the definition of "open to the public" of the word "forum". There is no doubt that in 2022, European boutiques will tap dozens of community members to create products, experiences and more.