The Chaos Tunnels are very close to Edgeville and the Grand Exchange. Grand Exchange and Edgeville, and RS gold the Green Dragons in the Wilderness are a rather long walk to Varrock and a short walk to Bounty Hunter. Green Dragons in the Wilderness typically have a lot of people in them, but around 10 Green Dragons. Green Dragons living in the Chaos Tunnels are very sparsely and populated with only 3 Dragons.

The entrances into the Chaos Tunnels can be dangerous and could lead you to an unknown location. (Open the Spoiler to view a map showing the distance of Green Dragons in Wilderness to banks, as contrasted to Edgeville or the Grand Exchange through the Chaos Tunnels[]

I suggest beginning with the green dragons of Varrock. If you're unhappy with the amount of bankers or people in buy OSRS gold your times, move to the Chaos Tunnel greens.