Wasps may be some of the maximum hard Animal Crossing: New Horizons insects to cope with, however the player community has Animal Crossing Bells simply added a brand new shape of anti-wasp defense measures out of R&D: birthday celebration poppers.

Yes, the standard party popper can be turned into a weapon the likes of which your insectoid foes have in no way seen. Is it more sensible than catching the wasps with a net, or just walking and hiding internal your nearest neighbor's house? No, but it makes a lot extra of a declaration. This Twitter video suggests the way it works - you do not need to study Korean to pick out up the gameplay nuance.

The trick is making sure you have your party popper ready earlier than you visit shake the tree, so that you aren't fiddling together with your inventory at the same time as the wasps are (probably) swooping in at your face. Also make certain which you do not by accident hit "A" before you're close sufficient to the tree to shake it, in any other case you will upfront pop your popper. Then you may be in a actual sorry situation whilst the nest drops and you are standing there with without a doubt no celebration favors to shield your self, like Animal Crossing Bells for Salea chump.