Rapid roll doors are widely used in our lives. Whether it is a basement or a store, the safety of the rapid roll door and the convenience of the rapid roll door make it popular. However, there will still be some failures during the use of the rapid roll door. Normal lifting is one of the reasons why it is very troublesome. Today I will share with you the reason why the rapid roll door cannot be lifted normally.

The rapid roll door acts as a horizontal partition like a wall. It consists of a curtain plate, a seat plate, a guide rail, a support, a reel, a cabinet, a control box, a rolling door machine, a stopper, a door lintel, a manual quick release switch device, and a button. It is composed of multiple parts such as switches and safety devices, and is generally installed in places where it is inconvenient to use wall separation.
One of the reasons for the failure of the rapid roll door is to check the power supply.


Check whether the power supply and circuit are short-circuited or not energized. 

If the power switch has a problem, the roller shutter motor will not be energized and cannot lift normally. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the rapid roll door has leakage or whether the fuse is burned out. If the fuse is broken, we need to pay attention to it at this time. A comprehensive inspection is still necessary.

The second reason for the failure of the rapid roll door is to check the condition of the motor.
The motor is the main driving force for the rapid roll door to be raised and lowered. We need to check whether the motor can operate normally. If the motor is damaged, the motor needs to be replaced or repaired by a professional repairer.


The third reason for the failure of the rolling door is to check whether the connection part of the rolling door is damaged and whether the circuit is normal.

If there is a problem in the connection place of the rapid roll door, it can also cause the rapid roll door to not be able to lift normally. If this kind of problem occurs, we only need to repair the connection place.

The fourth reason for the failure of the rapid roll door is to observe the condition of the motor line and the limit signal line.

If the motor wire and the limit signal wire are normal, the switch cannot be switched at this time. At this time, we need to check whether the wire and button of the control box of the rapid roll door are normal. If there is a fault, replace the button or connect the wire. That's it.

Nowadays, the safety of rapid roll doors and the convenience of rapid roll doors have been greatly improved. The rapid roll doors will inevitably encounter some failures during use, such as the problem that the rapid roll doors cannot be lifted normally. We only need to carefully analyze the failures. The reason is to troubleshoot. If there are some more professional repair problems, we can find a professional roller shutter repairer to help us repair it.

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