Folding machine refers to a machine that folds large printed sheets into signatures according to certain specifications. The folding machine also reflects the development process of folding technology. Its operation process mainly includes the following points:

1. Before starting the folding machine, make all preparations, such as rough checking whether the main parts and screws are loose, whether the rules are moving, whether there is oil stains in the passage, etc., and add lubricating oil;

2. When starting up, first turn on the motor to make the machine idling (or turn on the clutch to connect the paper feeder of the front and rear carts to the folding machine), and then turn on the air pump to give air and make the paper enter the folding machine part of the folding machine. ;

3. When starting up, you must first send a signal, click the car to check the operation, and then send a signal to hang the long car after it is correct, and gradually turn to the normal speed;

4. The machine should be checked at any time during normal operation, and the failure should be analyzed in time, and the machine should be stopped for troubleshooting. Never turn on the machine to eliminate or disturb all parts. After troubleshooting, you must still send a signal before turning it on;

5. During the operation of the machine, the operator should stick to the work position, concentrate on the work, and pay attention to the operation of the machine at any time to ensure the smooth folding of the folding machine;

6. When the folding machine is operating normally, a single shift (8-12 hours) will be checked once every two weeks; a 2 or 3 shift (16-24 hours) will be checked once a week. The machine should be wiped clean and the air path should be unobstructed to ensure normal start-up production after the wipe.

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