There are many problems in the quality of the mold parts in the external processing. For the processing of the external processing parts, not only the processing price but also the processing quality should be considered. How to ensure the quality of processing while reducing costs is a problem that every external processing enterprise needs to pay attention to. Here is a detailed introduction to the problems that need to be paid attention to in the external processing of injection molds.

  1. First of all, it is necessary to conduct inspection, certification, and evaluation of the certification system of the foreign cooperative processing unit, and make a summary.

  (1) The injection molding external processing unit needs to have a 5s working environment to see if it meets the requirements of safe production.

  (2) Whether the injection molding external processing unit has quality consciousness and concept realm, whether quality is the first user, and whether the work attitude is serious.

  (3) Whether the precision of the equipment for injection molding and the processing capability, management ability, finishing ability and level meet the production requirements. At the same time, the quality of the processing and the delivery period must be determined.

  2. Develop a reasonable outsourcing order and process according to the requirements of the parts and drawings. Avoid verbal requirements, and the externally processed drawings are of good quality according to the requirements.

  3. After receiving the products made by the outsourcing processing factory, the mold enterprise must have a special person to carry out quality inspection and acceptance of the products, establish an external processing acceptance standard, and avoid the inspection method that the mold leader knows, so that the mold can be effectively guaranteed. The quality of the external association helps to improve the quality of the external processing products.