Typically, Pakistan's national wear is all about loose wear, and utterly modest ones, for both men and women. This does not have to do anything with fashion but as a cultural persistence and proud rich heritage. However, if you peek out a little bit in certain parts of the world, a number of people there have adopted the globalized way of life that changes them from head to toe. They encourage modern modes of fashion in their lifestyles unlike here, where we are strictly sticking up to our norms.


This does not have to be like to undermine our purity and modesty, but at least the sense of fashion should be intact in our minds. According to an article that portrays the Pakistani societies in terms of vogues, states that this country has a long way to go to attain the actual standardized insight about the trends and globalized culture. If we look at our neighbour, India, they have substantially achieved the sufficient outcome from it while we are still struggling in that part.


If you are like this all has to do with the ill- stocks from the mass of the Pakistani clothing stores, however, let's just say it is, then why are you even buying it from them. Even, you don't realize, it's all true that the merchant only buys those things that he insight about to make him some profit. The very same merchant, if travelled elsewhere, will sell different kinds of clothes to the people there that are according to their social standards. That’s because you have to live by the code of that place if you want to earn the profit or simply money. 


Not to mention that there are tons of online clothing brands in Pakistan as well. While keeping your bulk for raiment high, make sure to wear something enchanting and according to the social norms. Either way, if you have missed a part, it will not be so cool and on the contrary will make you feel odd. Here, locally, shalwar kameez and kurta is a norm fashion for men and with the addition of dupatta and designs for women. Alone with this fashion, almost thousands of prints and innovations are available and more are still on the way.


Now, loose clothing like kaftan has proved to be an elegant wear for both males and females elegantly. However, this type of clothing is not acknowledging the norms for now but you can find a couple of individuals wearing that in big towns around. This isn't part of the best shopping in Karachi but still they must be eager to try something unique. Thus, you must try them as well if you are interested, it will be just fine. People will judge you for being all different at first but the elegance will touch their hearts and a time comes when you see them wearing that in the future. This is how the ahead of the time mindset works here.