If you are one of those who love to travel and get acquainted with new people who accompany you on the adventure journey, I leave you these 10 social networks that can help you on trips

Here I leave a social network that will help you plan the following trip, and you can get acquainted with new people around the world who have the same passion to travel. You can get help staying in the destination country and much more.

1 Couchsurfing.

This platform is well known to travelers, where you can get a friend on the outside that can help you, giving you to stay in their house for free. Registration is absolutely free, you must fill out your profile, which is highly recommended, because other users will see your interests, photos, places where you traveled, which you love, and what are your preferences. You can write small mcessay.com . About the places you visited. So CouchSurfing, as well as others offer "couch" you can also make it accessible to others, if you cannot suggest staying, you can suggest to help meet other users your city or vice versa.

2 Bewelcome.

On this site you can find people who put their house at your disposal to offer students in the return path, and you can leave your comments on the place where you decide to stay. Many users also ask people help do my homework  or cook, or exchange recipes from different countries and learn language. This is a multicultural social network, and it will be very useful if you want to make your research abroad.

3 Hospitalityclub.

This is an Italian site, similar to Kauratsurfing, where you can meet people from all over the world, and also offer you stay in our homes, page in other languages.

4 Wayn (Whereareyounow)

This is a social network that is located between Foursquare and Instagram, where you can share photos of your travels and be in contact with other travelers to be able to find them in other parts of the world, or seek advice.

5 Internations.

This is a social network that serves for those people who want to emigrate to another country for a longer period of time. You can get advice from all types of international schools, accommodation, visas, guidebooks, permits, documents and others.

6 Travbuddy

If you are looking for a company to travel, this site will help you. In this social network, you can write that will be your next trip and expect someone to offer to accompany you, and you can also see the offers of other users and choose the one that suits you.


7 Gapyaer

This site looks like travbuddy, as you can write your travel plan in detail, and expect that the user who wants to join the adventure.

8 Linkexpats.

This is a social network for foreigners around the world: workers, students, foreign tourists living abroad. You can get a person from your country while you are beyond. There may be the opportunity to even find mcessay.com/chemistry-homework-help/  .

9 Travelerspoint.

On this site you can create your travel blog, publish your photos and create interactive maps of the places you visited.

10 Trip Strap.

On this site you can share all stages of the trips that you have done, and you can find a lot of useful tips for planning your next adventure in the world. And a few more useful resources for you:

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