Basketball 2K22's locker codes and the process for redeeming them are both critical aspects of the game. As was the case in previous entries, these codes can be used to unlock a variety of items, including card packs, tokens, players, and a variety of other things. Then you need to know two things: what locker codes are and how to redeem them (i. e. where to enter locker codes in Cheap MT 2K22). In this guide, we'll go over both of these topics in detail.

NBA 2K22 Locker Codes are a set of codes that can be used to unlock specific features in the game.
There is currently only one locker code active in the game, and it is only active for a very short period of time and for a very small number of players, as we will explain further below. Of course, this is only the first of a slew of codes that will be added to NBA 2K22 as the game progresses. So, keep an eye on this page for updates as new codes become available.

You will receive 3 banners, a 30 minute 2XP coin, a new Player Indicator, and a new Perfect Green Release Animation if you use the code HAPPY-NEXTGEN-2KDAY-22.
2KDAY-IN-MYTEAM – Use this code to get a Diamond +4 Driving Dunk, Diamond Shoe, and other Diamond items. LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and Zach Lavine are all free agents.(Valid until September 17th, 2021)
WELCOME TO THE MYTEAM-BALL-TO-BALL CALL –Using this code will grant you access to a Deluxe Colossal Pack, 5 Gold Shoe Boosts, 5 Gold Shoe Bases, or a Draft Ticket in the game. Available for one week at a time.(Valid until September 17th, 2021)
ANYONE, ANYWHERE can participate.-2302-2358 –This code grants access to 25,000 VC, but only to the first fifty people who enter it. However, that does not appear to be the case, as it appears to me that significantly more than fifty people have been successful in redeeming the code. However, try to use it as soon as you possibly can, and don't be surprised if it doesn't work out in the end.

Using Locker Codes in NBA 2K22
Firstly, in order to redeem Locker Codes in MT 2K22, navigate to the Options/Quit tab in the main menu. Flick down the menu on the left side of the screen until the “Locker Codes” option is highlighted. When you choose it, you'll be presented with a keyboard interface and a text box into which you'll be required to type the code. Keep in mind to include the dashes in between certain words and sets of numbers when you're done. Without this, the system will simply reject the code out of hand. Having said that, it may be a relief to know that capitalization does not appear to be a factor, so there is no need to use caps lock.