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Earning the Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I certification demonstrates a candidate's proficiency in developing custom applications using JavaScript in Salesforce. This certification is a valuable asset for individuals seeking to advance their careers in Salesforce development or for organizations looking to hire skilled Salesforce developers. The certification also provides access to the Salesforce Certified Community, which offers networking opportunities, exclusive resources, and ongoing support for Salesforce developers.

The Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I exam is designed for developers who have a strong understanding of JavaScript and its application within the Salesforce platform. This certification is ideal for professionals who want to demonstrate their skills in building custom applications using JavaScript within the Salesforce environment. This certification exam is intended for individuals who have experience in developing custom applications on the Salesforce platform, including Apex and Visualforce pages.

To prepare for the Salesforce JavaScript-Developer-I Certification Exam, developers should have a good understanding of JavaScript programming and experience in Salesforce development. There are many resources available to help candidates prepare for the exam, including study materials, online courses, and practice exams. Successful candidates will have a deep understanding of the Salesforce platform, strong coding skills in JavaScript, and a solid understanding of the development lifecycle.

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Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I Exam Sample Questions (Q170-Q175):

The developer wants to test this code:
Const toNumber =(strOrNum) => strOrNum;
Which two tests are most accurate for this code?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. console.assert(toNumber('-3') < 0);
  • B. console.assert(toNumber () === NaN);
  • C. console.assert(Number.isNaN(toNumber()));
  • D. console.assert(toNumber('2') === 2);

Answer: A,D

Refer to the code below:
let productSKU = '8675309,;
A developer has a requirement to generate SKU numbers that are always 10 characters log, starting with 'sku', and padded with zeros.
Which statement assigned the value skuooooooooo86675309?

  • A. productSKU = productSKU. Padstart (16, '0' padstart (19, 'sku') ;
  • B. productSKU = productSKU. Padstart (19, '0' padstart ('sku') ;
  • C. productSKU = productSKU. PadEnd (16, '0' padstart (19, 'sku') ;
  • D. productSKU = productSKU. PadEnd (16, '0' padstart ('sku') ;

Answer: A

Given the JavaScript below:

Which code should replace the placeholder comment on line 05 to highlight accounts that match the search string'

  • A. 'yellow' : null
  • B. 'none1 : "yellow'
  • C. 'yellow : 'none'
  • D. null : 'yellow'

Answer: C

A developer has the following array of student test grades:
Let arr = [ 7, 8, 5, 8, 9 ];
The Teacher wants to double each score and then see an array of the students
who scored more than 15 points.
How should the developer implement the request?

  • A. Let arr1 = arr.filter(( val) => ( return val > 15 )) .map (( num) => ( return num *2 ))
  • B. Let arr1 = arr.mapBy (( num) => ( return num *2 )) .filterBy (( val ) => return val > 15 )) ;
  • C. Let arr1 = => num*2). Filter (( val) => val > 15);
  • D. Let arr1 = => ( num *2)).filterBy((val) => ( val >15 ));

Answer: C

A developer writes the code below to return a message to a user attempting to register a new username. If the username is available, a variable named nag is declared and assigned a value on line 03.

What is the value of msg when getAvailableabilityMessage ("newUserName") is executed and get Availability ("newUserName") returns true?

  • A. "newUserName"
  • B. undefined
  • C. "User-name available"
  • D. "msg is not defined"

Answer: C


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