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What Is Gold?

Gold, in the history of mankind, has assumed a variety of functions such as money, jewelry raw materials, industrial raw materials. We can see gold bars in the national vault as gold savings, and gold medals on the chest of Olympic champions. But in fact, most of the gold medals are silver, and the gold content is only about 1%. However, many people can be seen wearing gold bracelets in their daily life. Although gold is often seen in our lives, people still have a lot of questions about it.

What Is The Difference Between White Gold, Platinum And Gold?

First of all, let me explain to you that there are four common precious metals, namely gold, silver, platinum and rhodium. The gold we are going to talk about today is actually the gold of the four types. And most of the population of platinum, in fact, is platinum, and gold has nothing to do with it, are just precious metals. It’s just that businesses feel that the word platinum doesn’t reflect the nobility of the thing, so they add gold and turn it into platinum. Daily so-called problem is not big, but really involved in the purchase. We have to pay more attention to it.

And white gold, in fact, is a confusing concept of the term, many people can not figure out what platinum is, and see platinum is silver-white, it is naturally equivalent to white gold. But white gold is actually not the name of the metal, but the color of the metal, which is white gold. So white gold, rose gold, cherry gold, these all belong to the different colors of gold. In order to avoid ambiguity, the industry rarely uses the word “platinum”, but honestly says “platinum” or “platinum” and “k white gold “. If it is 18k, say “18k white”, and so on.

What Is The Difference Between 24k And 18k Gold?

You can understand it this way, the gold is divided into 24 parts, pure gold is 24k gold. 18k gold means that 18 of the 24 parts are gold and the rest is made up of other metals, and so on. So 24k is the standard, it is 100% gold, 18k is 75%. But the actual level of smelting is not 100%, it is usually 99.98%. So the difference is, the bigger the number in front of the k, the higher the purity, and of course the more expensive. Nowadays, many people buy gold for investment and 18k gold jewelry for rings or accessories. That’s the reason. Gold jewelry is also stocked on the Jenna Sinatra website, and Jenna Sinatra bracelets and necklaces make a thoughtful and beautiful present for any occasion.

Questions About Gold

After explaining what gold is, it’s time for the 100,000 questions about gold. Here I will briefly talk about a few questions: Why does gold retain its value? Why are so many big brands of jewelry not pure gold still selling so expensive?

The simple answer is: gold is common all over the world and is recognized everywhere you go.

Before 1944, all countries in the world used gold as the national legal tender, one is because “gold” belongs to the relatively stable production of non-renewable resources. By the state official mining to the market, management is more standardized. And gold has three characteristics: “soft”, “less” and “heavier”, which makes it difficult to be replaced by other metals, and it is not easy to counterfeit as national currency.

“Soft” means that the hardness of “pure gold” is not high, and if you have a strong hand, you can directly squeeze the gold and bite it with your teeth to leave teeth marks.

I don’t need to say much about “less”, but it’s important to note that the production of gold is so much that it’s impossible to dump it, which ensures the stability of the currency market.

The “heavy” refers to the density of pure gold is very high, in ancient times, the weight and appearance are more recognizable, not easy to confuse with other metals. Refining gold is also easier than smelting other metals, relatively more suitable for currency.

So from ancient times to the present day, common worldwide, the value of gold has been maintained, the preservation of value is also natural.

Why Is So Much Big Brand Jewellery Not Pure Gold?

Top jewelry brands like Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Bulgari are mostly practical 18k gold, regardless of whether they are high-fashion pieces or classic pieces. Many people have had similar doubts: they are sold so expensive, why are not willing to use pure gold? It’s too stingy, right? Big mistake, in fact, it is not that big brands are not willing to use pure gold, but many things can not be made of pure gold.

As we mentioned earlier, pure gold is very soft and does not play a strong role in fixing and supporting, so deformation and wear is a common occurrence.

In the past, when pure gold was used for inlay, the main stone was usually held in place by the “clad setting method”, and the modern popular claw setting method is not fixed at all with pure gold.

But for modern jewelry, the “clad setting” method is time-consuming and not simple enough. To ensure the beauty and durability of the product, the big brands try to use 18k gold to make their products.