These are the Madden 23 coins fundamental concepts and principles taught by Jets offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates. He is among the newly appointed Madden NFL 23 offensive coordinators who are trying to ride the wave of the league's ever changing offensive growth. It's always been a point-based game, however not as this. There is no shame in winning 52-48. Keep accumulating the points.

Bates is instructing his players to achieve that you need to start quickly and finish quickly. Be aware of your abilities and demonstrate the mentality of the champion.

He resorted to the Triple Crown winner Justify to make his point.

Jets offensive players claimed they were shown footage showing the Kentucky Derby winner's explosive start. They claimed they watched a video from the Belmont Victory madden 23 coins buy where the horse was dominant from start to finish --- "He did not even get dirty Bates said. Bates stated.