Hi Everyone! I am Tayler, the Social Media Brand Manager for Justin Alexander.

I began my journey in bridal in 2022 being employed as a Stylist! I had always loved weddings, and helping bridesmaids dresses find THE most significant dress of their lives was this type of dream become a reality... Being around beautiful wedding gowns all day was the icing on the top!


In 2016, I got engaged to my hometown senior high school sweetheart also it was time for you to find MY DRESS. I was so afraid I wouldn't look for a dress that will feel like "mine" having seen dress after dress tried on again and again. Sure enough, Justin Alexander came through as well in 2017, the design and style I wound up choosing arrived at the store just a couple of days before my dress appointment.

When I slipped Style 8933 on, it felt much like me. I wanted something timeless and classic, nothing too overwhelming, however, it had to create a statement. The super modern apron skirt with this fit and flare style provided a distinctive look, however, the clean silhouette kept the classic belief I wanted. The Justin Alexander brand has always felt so regal, yet current, in my experience and the excellence of the gowns is unmatched!

I have experienced my heart set on the Hallmark movie-inspired Winter wedding provided I can remember. The warm glow of holiday lights, the cozy sense of having your family around for that season, a warm hot toddy, a lot of things about this time around of the year bring me joy and I couldn’t imagine having our wedding every other season.

That being said, with all the joy this season brings, if you reside in a Winter-weather climate, you will know there can be some challenges with planning for a wedding this time of year.

5 Notes To Know From A Winter Bride:

Bring Warm Shoes and Socks – If you are anything much like me, and also you want those Insta-worthy outdoor wedding photos in the snow, you’ll have to ditch the pumps to have an insulated shoe with cozy socks. Protect your piggies for that dance floor afterward! No one might find your shoes, and also you can bring them along for individual photos if necessary.

Keep Your rose gold bridesmaid dresses Warm – If you’re asking your maids to trot together with you for those dreamy snow photos, gift all of them with a shawl, faux fur, or cute matching jackets! They’ll appreciate it later... Bonus! It’s a present they can ACTUALLY use again. 

Pad Your Time For Travel – If your big day takes you as well as your guests to several locations during the day, pad your timeline extra, especially for all those who might not be comfortable driving in wintery climate conditions.


“Emergency Kit” Must-Haves – Tissues for runny noses, and hand warmers (bonus points to place them inside your shoes!)

The Most Wonderful “Time” Of The Year – While planning your timeline, factor in the time change (where applicable) and also the early sunset this time of year. If you’re planning outdoor photos, don’t forget to consider a peek at the time of sunset when planning.