Canon printer error code E05 frequently appears if the ink cartridge is dirty, inserted incorrectly, or isn't compatible with your printer. When a printer is left idle for an extended period of time, dried ink inside forms and becomes dirty. These easy steps will help you Canon Printer Error Code E05 Solution on a Windows computer.

A frequent fault that can happen in Canon printers is Canon Printer Error E05. When there is a problem with the ink cartridges, the printer will experience the E05 error. By using some of the simple troubleshooting techniques, you can fix this problem. But occasionally you might even need to restart the printer. If so, you can contact the Canon printer specialists for assistance and support.

Canon Printer Error E05 on a Windows Solution

Here are various solutions for the Windows PC Canon Printer Error Code E05 that can happen when using a Canon printer. You should apply these patches in the order that I've listed them, I suggest you.

Turn Off Your Printer

The first step in resolving Canon printer issue E05 is to reset the printer. While the printer is ON, press and hold the Stop button for about 5 seconds, or until it starts to resume.

After giving the printer time to completely restart, you can try it again to see whether the issue is still there. If you continue to receive error E05, try the next approach.

Factory Reset Your Printer

Like most other devices, the printer's default settings are restored after a factory reset. Factory resetting your Canon printer will fix it if a setup error is the cause of the E05 problem. How to do it is as follows:

  • Upon turning on your Canon printer, select the option in the menu bar. To access the Setup menu, press the arrow keys.
  • After that, go to Device settings, and then click OK. Finally, click Reset, and then click OK.
  • Check to determine if the problem has been resolved when the printer has completed the factory reset.

Reinstall and clean the cartridge

Reading commands sent to the printer is the responsibility of the cartridge. If you use your printer frequently or even just sometimes, particles may build up and cause the error you're seeing right now. Cleaning the ink cartridge periodically is a good idea to prevent such issues.

Open the lid, turn the printer off, and place it on a level surface before removing the ink cartridge for your Canon printer. You may find instructions for installing an ink cartridge here. On the side of the cartridge holder, there are two click-locks that can be alternatively pressed with your fingers. As a result, it is now straightforward to remove the ink cartridge.

Next, check the ink cartridge for any debris, dust, dried ink, or other items that could obstruct it, such as dirt. To get rid of any obstructions, clean the golden metallic strip on the front of the cartridges using a soft cloth or lint-free material. After removing the particles, you can either restart the printer or reinstall the ink cartridges you had previously removed.

Replacement of an ink cartridge

Changing the ink cartridge is another way to fix the Canon printer's E05 issue. This can be the situation if the ink cartridge that was previously installed is broken or if you're using the wrong one.

After exhausting all other possibilities, you must visit an appliance store to get new ink cartridges for your printer.

How Do I Clean a Canon Ink Absorber?

The following are the steps to cleaning your Canon ink absorber:

  • Remove the printer's power supply.
  • When you open the printer, place the cartridge cradle in the middle of the printing unit.
  • To absorb the surplus ink, use a paper towel or another soft cloth.
  • Pull the frame away from the printer to remove the ink absorber pad(s) from it.
  • Replace the ink absorber pads, then shut down the printer.

The actions you can follow to fix Canon printer problem E05 have been explained in fully in this blog. The best course of action, however, is to seek assistance from the Canon professionals if you are still having problems. For assistance and support, contact the Canon printer technical support staff.

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