Choosing a name for your new pharmaceutical franchise is the most important and difficult task. The name is the true identity of the company. A brand is associated with the name, even if we identify the company and its product by name. 


We trust in the quality of the service and the product through the name of the company. Sometimes we identify company names by seeing their logo. The above discussion not only applies to PCD pharmaceutical companies but also has the same effect across all business sectors. 


Before deciding on a name, think about the following facts. If your business name can meet the following factors, then the name you choose is good for your PCD pharmaceutical business.



  • Business Identity



The company's name must reflect its commercial and industrial identity, S. For example, in the pharmaceutical market, you can end or start with the words bio, pharma, remedies, health, life sciences, laboratory, laboratory, etc. 


Provides better recognition inside and outside the industry, e.g. For example, Elzac Herbals reflects the herbal products company and Ayurveda Elzac reflects its Ayurvedic department.



  • Avoid silent characters 



When choosing or creating a name for your business, make sure that the word does not contain silent characters. The reason for this is that the presence of silent characters can make it difficult for readers to pronounce, which in turn will damage your brand image.



  • Simple And Unique



A complicated name isn't always a good idea. It'll just make it hard to remember your name. People often find it difficult to refer to complicated names. Be unique as well as simple. Uniqueness doesn't mean you have to name your business extremely strange. 


At the same time, it is not good to copy other company names and use names that are very similar or rhyme with other well-known brands. It will leave a bad impression on you.



  • Easy and Appealing



The name should appeal to the senses immediately and also be memorable. Simple, catchy words are easy to remember. People will easily remember your business name and this will increase word of mouth for the name.