Qingshan youth looked at the gradual recovery of the waterfall with a flat face, and then raised his head to the distant sky, where there was a streamer flying, after a few breaths, it turned into a figure falling on the Qingyan where he was. Is there any news about Shen Cangsheng? "The young man in the green shirt stretched himself and asked." He took a heavenly task and ran out again. As far as I know, he should have gone to track down the Nine Yin Sect. Those rat-like things killed more than ten of our students who had experienced in the North Cang continent. It was a young man in black. He shrugged his shoulders and said. Nine Yin Zong? The Qingshan youth smiled and said, "Although it is a broken force, it is said that the suzerain has the strength to transform the realm of heaven, right?"? And they are good at hiding, attack and kill, this is a collective task ah, Shen Cangsheng a person on the pursuit of the past, it is really a bold artist ah. "Are you afraid he can't solve it?" The young man in black laughed. That guy is also a monster, can hold me down, a nine Yin Zong, want him to capsize, that is not possible. The young man shook his head and said. At the freshman convention, you only lost one move to him. Said the young man in black. Sometimes,inflatable air dancer, a little gap is a gap. The young man smiled faintly and said, "But I haven't fought with him for nearly a year. I'm really a little itchy. I really want to try his magic formula of judgment. How strong is it?" "It seems that you have made some breakthroughs in Tianxuan Shenjue." The young man in black said with some surprise. It's just a little progress. The young man smiled and said, "Is there anything interesting going on in Beicang Lingyuan recently?"? I seem to have been in seclusion for three months. Aren't those guys restless? "Those guys in the jury, as always, are overbearing, no way, who let Shen Cangsheng in their place,inflatable bounce house with slide, other words, are temporarily quite quiet, it seems that they are all in full practice, preparing for the hunting war in half a year." The young man in black curled his lips and said. Although the jury is overbearing, it should not dare to do anything to our'Xuan Gang '. The Qingshan youth waved his hand and said, "On the contrary, it's the other guys that give people a little headache. The crane demon guy has been trying to attack me. Although that guy is only the fourth in the list of heaven, if he really wants to attack me, Su Xuan can't stop him. It's just that that guy likes her, so he didn't move her position." "So he's on to you?" The young man nodded with a smile and said lazily, "But it doesn't matter. Those guys in the top ten are not fuel-efficient lamps. They all have hidden means. However, I can press them for so many years, and it's not so easy to be replaced.." The young man in black also nodded, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable outdoor park, for his seemingly lazy, but there is a confident and domineering attitude between the words without the slightest doubt, because the young man in front of him is now the second super fierce man, Li Xuantong, who ranks second in the list of North Cangling Academy. In this North Cang Lingyuan, the only thing that can suppress his limelight is that perverted existence. By the way, the freshmen of Beicang Lingyuan are coming. Tomorrow is the freshmen meeting. It is said that there are some powerful roles in the freshmen this time. "Who?" Li Xuantong waved his sleeve and asked casually. To be precise, there should be five people who are more powerful, Yang Hong, Mu Kui, and Mu Chen. This new student is a little strange. The strength of the late stage of Shenshen realm has defeated Mo Lun, who is about to enter the middle stage of Rongtian realm. Now he is also a dark horse. "The other two are girls, both of whom are excellent. One is Bingqing from the Ice Spirit Clan, and the other is a girl named Luo Li." As soon as the words of the young man in black fell, he noticed something was wrong. Li Xuantong, who had looked tired and lazy, seemed to stiffen for a moment. The latter turned his head slowly, hesitated for a moment, and said, "Who?" The young man in black was stunned for a moment, and immediately repeated the last two names, and when he said the name of Luo Li, he could see the young man in front of him, as if he had opened his mouth slightly. "Luo Li?" Li Xuantong twisted his head: "Oh.." How so? Why did she come to Beicang Lingyuan? What does she look like? The young man in black gave him a strange look and then described the image of Luo Li. It's actually true. I didn't expect that. Li Xuantong laughed, and his tired and lazy look dissipated at this time. Do you know this Luo Li? The young man in black asked in surprise. It was the first time he had seen the young man in front of him look like this when he heard a girl's name. How interesting Li Xuantong nodded with a smile. The young man in black spread out his hands helplessly and said, "If you are interested in her, then I have to tell you a bad news first. She seems to have someone she likes, that is, the new student named Muchen. If I remember correctly, they even live together." Li Xuantong frowned a little bit and murmured, "How could this happen.." No wonder. It seems that what I have heard is true. Seeing this, the young man in black thought for a moment and said, "Do you need me to make the freshman honest?" "In that case, I'm afraid she'll be angry." Li Xuantong shook his head, stood up slowly and said, "She is very stubborn. I don't want her to fall out with me." "That.." The young man in black hesitated. Don't worry about it. He smiled. His long hair was loose. He looked in the direction of the exit in the distance. He was silent for a long time and said, "Forget it. I'll go and see her. I haven't seen her for years. Let's see what's going on." The news is really not very pleasant. "Rival in love?"? With your excellence, doesn't she like you? The young man in black couldn't help asking. Heh. I've always treated her like a sister. Li Xuantong smiled, but after seeing the young man in black slightly curled the corners of his mouth, he could only say helplessly: "Although she likes me a little, and she doesn't like me either,inflatable floating water park, but her situation is very complicated, alas, but.." That herdsman should not have appeared beside her. 。 joyshineinflatables.com