Without waiting for the night cold feather to open her mouth, Martina waved her hands together, the sky suddenly darkened, and two blue chills with countless thumb-sized ice crystals roared toward the night cold feather. Cold like crazy ice dragon moment to the front of the night cold feather, Fang Wen, Long Zun Weide retreat, just let the night cold feather alone in the face of these two cold. As soon as the night cold feather's face changed, his hands suddenly turned up, and the same silver-white and bluish light appeared on his hands. A layer of thick ice shield was born in the air, and it was hard to meet the two cold air. 'Crackle, click 'a burst of noise, the night cold feather released dozens of layers of ice shield broken layer by layer, two cold heavy blast on his chest, he was knocked upside down and flew out, hit a few power fighters behind him. The warriors barely had time to exclaim, and their bodies were frozen in pieces of transparent and flawless ice, like insects in amber that could no longer move, and their faces were still a trace of horror, probably because they did not expect such a terrible cold attack in the world. Martina, listen to me. Night cold feather scrambled up from the ground, his body is full of large and small ice crystals, and those ice crystals are rapidly proliferating, a look to freeze up the night cold feather. Night cold feather's face in addition to shock,smart board whiteboard, unexpectedly also has a strange happy color, this strange expression, see Fang Wen extremely surprised. Martina, I have something to say to you alone. The night cold feather coughed, staggered to stand up straight, continued to say: "Some things, I should tell you." Fang Wen looked on coldly and said nothing with his mouth tilted. Ye Hanyu this fool, Martina's second personality is a pure in addition to destruction, its IQ is only equivalent to three or five years old children,75 smart board, want to be controlled by the second personality of Martina to make a wise judgment, this is not easy. Suddenly, Fang Wen shivered uncomfortably. "Three or five years old!" He whispered. "There's nothing to say." "It's none of your business here," Martina said coldly, suspended several meters above the ground. Leave, or be killed by me. A chill went straight from the soles of Long Zun Weide's feet to his forehead. He looked at Fang Wen and solemnly made a cross in his heart. Long Zunweide muttered in a low voice, "What a terrible woman! Tut, is he a masochist?"? Why did you find such a tough woman? Darling, the second personality, if you suddenly get mad when you're doing something. Long Zun Weide also suddenly hit a shiver, only to feel goose bumps all over the body came out layer by layer. Ye Hanyu gawked at Martina, and after a long time, he turned around and took a look at the boundless snow with great resentment. Snow boundless put on a pair of delicate and pitiful appearance, secretly with the corner of the eye looking at the night cold feather. Hua Feihua patted her forehead with her hand, looking helpless. She had already withdrawn more than ten meters away. She didn't want to get involved in this mess at all. Well, I came to the wrong place today. Ye Hanyu slowed down his tone and said with a wry smile, smart board for conference room ,touch screen board classroom, "Besides, there is something wrong with my attitude.". I apologize. Shaking his head, Ye Hanyu took out a box made of special alloy from his pocket and threw it in the past: "This is Martina's mother's favorite ring." Fang Wen threw the box back to Ye Hanyu. He made a fuss and shouted, "Your Excellency, do you think I can't even give a ring to Martina?" Fang Wen gently waved to Martina, the eyes of the blue and purple light more and more intense Martina stayed for a moment, slightly frowned, slowly flew down, slowly walked to Fang Wen's side, and then, very naturally hugged Fang Wen's arm, the whole person leaned on Fang Wen. Ye Hanyu was in a daze. Holding the metal box in his hand, he lowered his head and thought for a long time. Then he nodded slowly and said, "Well, Fang Wen, I apologize.". I'll send you a letter, and you can show it to Martina. I hope she can forgive me. A little bleak, a little lonely, a little unspeakable loneliness, the night cold feather with the whole body'jingling 'sound of ice, slowly turned away. Watching the ship of the night cold feather roaring up into the sky, Fang Wen suddenly hugged Martina hard, and with the other hand he punched the sky hard. He was very proud, very excited and shouted: "Brothers, from now on, this is our nest!" Yes, he got a piece of land that belonged to him, a piece of land that would not be too much trouble, a place where he could do something secretly. Everything has just begun. Human Path Chapter 5 Thick Accumulation Chapter 56 Novel t-xt Paradise Chapter 1 Time flies, and three years pass in a flash. Another year of rainy season is coming, and the sky of the sixth colony is covered with large rain clouds, and the moisture in the air is enough to suffocate people. At the highest peak of the Emerald Canyon, on the balcony of a huge mansion, Fang Wen lies on a chair, yawning lazily. He looked feebly at the rain clouds in the sky and sighed loudly: "I can grow mushrooms on my body, one, two, three, four, five, five, five.." Purr! It's so boring and there's no passion! The mouth cried miserably, and inside Fang Wen's body, twenty-three golden elixirs, which were already the size of chicken eggs and were shining like burning gold, were spinning rapidly, constantly spewing out a trace of purple-golden mist as dense as mercury. In the sea of knowledge between his eyebrows, two soul gods have congealed into two fist-sized silver-white beads, which are releasing great light. At the core of the bead, a trace of silver-white lightning was faintly visible, constantly flowing, outlining the shape of the two gods before. Below the soul God,digital interactive whiteboard, the vitality God also congealed into a fist-sized golden green bead, and a stream of warm air was constantly flowing out of the bead, nourishing Fang Wen's whole body. hsdsmartboard.com