Have you ever maintained a journal in your life? Many people do it so they can read it after a few years and cherish the memories. For example, people maintain grandparents journals during the birth of their grandchildren. They keep all the details safe in these journals and relive them every time they want. Here are some stages of life where people usually maintain a journal.

Wedding Planning:

Planning a wedding includes a lot of tasks. Bridesmaids and groomsmen spend a lot of time planning a successful and memorable wedding for the bride and groom. Some bridesmaids and groomsmen maintain a journal and get a wedding planner book before the wedding day. They write about all the details that proved to be crucial during the wedding planning. And once the wedding ends, they keep these journals safe with them. So, when they have to plan another wedding, they can read the journal and organize everything successfully. And many times, they give these journals to their friends and families before their wedding so it can help them.

During Pregnancy:

The pregnancy period is when a woman's body completely changes. Women discover new things about their bodies every day during the nine months. It is suggested that women pay attention to themselves and do some creative and skill-improving activities that can have a positive effect on the child. Many women choose to write pregnancy journals to record whatever happened to them during the nine months. So, when they get pregnant again, they can read the same things and be prepared for the upcoming changes. Many times, women also gift these pregnancy journals to their close ones who are soon to become moms.

Baby Record Books:

New moms do not know totally about kids, their health, their situations, etc. They need some guidance. So, if other moms who maintained journals after the birth of their child give those journals to new moms, it can be of great help. These journals will have details that help new moms. For instance, what to do when a baby cries non-stop, how to fulfil the nutrition requirements of these babies, etc.

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