This is what makes the gaming laptop different from the normal laptop. If you have the intention to play a 3D intensive game, a laptop with good video card must be your top priority. Most laptop comes with onboard graphics. You must be prepared to dish out extra cash to get the one with great graphics processing capability. ATI's Mobility us zenbook pro ux550 offers high quality graphics.This affects your gaming experience. A 12' screen is too small for comfortable game play. A good screen size is 15' - 17'. If you are getting a wide screen LCD panel, you might experience image stretching or elongation which might affect the gaming quality. Check the image quality before you make your purchase.

The dedicated graphics card drains out plenty of battery power. If you are always on the move, consider investing on a 6 cells lithium-ion battery that can last at least 5 hours. A gaming laptop is generally more expensive than a normal laptop. You can't really find a cheap gaming laptop with all the high end parts. If you are willing to compromise on the CPU speed, you could be able to get one that is more affordable. As a gauge, a gaming laptop generally cost at least $300 - $500 more than a normal laptop. A down side for a gaming laptop is the huge amount of heat it generated. If left without control, it can shorten the laptop lifespan. A good solution is to use a cooling pad to dissipate the heat away. A cooling pad is a pad with three inbuilt 60mm cooling fans placed at the base of the laptop.