Attesting a marriage certificate entails having an attestation stamp placed on the document by the embassy of the country to which you intend to travel, in this case, the UAE. The attestation must be performed in the country that issued the document. The attestation verifies the authenticity of the document. The marriage certificate proves you are legally married. The attestation service agencies will assist you in sponsoring your spouse or obtaining a family residence visa.

Attestation is the legalization and acknowledgment of a document's authenticity, which makes it legally valid. It is a procedure used to determine whether documents are authentic and valid. Marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims are permitted in the UAE, and a few couples relocate to the UAE after marrying in their home country. An attestation service agency can help with marriage certificate attestation so that the certificate is accepted in the UAE.

The process of attesting to the marriage certificate is used to verify and understand the marriage as valid in the UAE.

The following documents may be required for the marriage certificate attestation procedure:

  • The original marriage licenses
  • The concerned parties' passport copies
  • The validity of a marriage certificate must be verified by the relevant authorities in the country of origin before it can be attested in the UAE.

The following provides an overview of the Marriage certificate attestation process.

Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country - In order for a marriage certificate to be officially recognized, it must be attested after a notary stamp. Authority for this process varies by country. The issuing country's ministry of external affairs is the primary agency for approval.

Attestation from the UAE embassy - The documents are taken to the UAE embassy in the applicant's home country after receiving attestation from the ministry in the applicant's home country. The embassy's authorities certify the certificate after ensuring and verifying that it has been attested by all relevant authorities in the home country.

MOFA attestation for marriage certification in the UAE - The ministry of foreign affairs will review and certify the certificates as a final step. Before attesting the certificate, the ministry checks to see if it has been notarized and stamped in the issuing country.

UAE Marriage Certificate Attestation must include the following information

Before submitting the documents for attestation, the applicant must ensure that the marriage certificates include the following information; otherwise, they will be considered null and void:

  • The bride's and groom's names.
  • Both applicants' ages and marital status
  • The wedding date and location
  • Both the bride's and groom's addresses
  • Witnesses' surnames
  • The name of the person or organization who officiated at the wedding.

The importance of attesting a marriage certificate for a UAE visa

Sponsoring a family visa's dependents

In order to sponsor a family in the UAE, a marriage certificate must be attestation. A visa can only be granted to family members such as spouses and children if valid and recognized documents are submitted.

Residency Visa Processing

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs has developed the prevalent procedure of requiring attested certificates for a spouse and child's residence visa, such as the marriage certificate and birth certificate of the child. If a marriage certificate is attested, people may be eligible for a variety of immigration benefits.

avoiding legal complications

It is essential to have a marriage certificate attested in the UAE, as the marriage will not be considered valid unless the certificate is recognized. Living together as a couple without an attested marriage certificate is illegal and may result in legal complications. Couples relocating to the UAE should have their marriage certificate attested in order to avoid complications.

Obtaining the advantages of being a spouse

Individuals working in the UAE are permitted a variety of benefits, including health insurance and the ability to borrow money. A valid marriage certificate entitles the dependant spouse to benefits as permitted by the regulations governing the benefits.

Attestation service agencies will assist you in attestation of your marriage certificate or marriage license from anywhere in the world. Before traveling to the UAE or while in the UAE, make sure that all of your documents, particularly your marriage certificate, are attested. When it comes to documentation, the UAE authorities are extremely selective. UAE authorities will only accept only correct attested marriage certificates, so contact us right away for more information.