The bicycle parking rack has the characteristics of cheap price, anti-theft function, small footprint, convenient parking, convenient management, beautifying the city, durable, non-fading, and environmental protection. Bicycles are an essential means of transportation for many students, teachers and office workers, and they are also a low-carbon travel tool advocated by our country. However, in many densely populated places, bicycles are parked in a mess, parking is not easy, and there are even potential safety hazards, which brings a lot of trouble to traffic.


At present, China's largest  bike parking rack is located in Suzhou. Among them, Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Co., Ltd. located in Suzhou has a variety of parking racks that sell well in China and abroad. Bicycle parking racks have become a new product independently developed in China. Applicable places: The unique design of Suzhou Pioneer Lingxi bicycle parking rack can effectively improve the overall environmental level of the place of use. It is the best product choice for supporting high-end infrastructure such as municipal image construction, high-end communities, star-rated hotels, and large shopping malls. !


The bike rack allows up to 10 bicycles to be parked here, but it is imperfect that it does not have a device to lock the bicycle, and can only lock the bicycle through the self-provided bicycle lock. The novelty of this parking rack should be that people can sit and rest here when it is not used for parking. Such a bicycle parking rack should be a good choice in public places. Also a highlight!


Advantages of bike racks:
1. It is convenient and fast to park and pick up the bikes
2. Safer after locking
3. Conducive to landscaping and convenient for green travel
4. Save parking space and save land
5. Free combination and installation, humanized design


Disadvantages of bike racks:
1. When locking the car, the owner needs to bring his own car lock
2, exposed to the outdoors, the surface will be damaged for a long time
3. The bicycle parking rack made of stainless steel itself is easy to lead to theft

The production of parking racks requires design, sheet metal, pipe bending, welding, surface treatment and other processes. Our company is a company specializing in the production of bicycle parking racks. It has a production history of 10 years. There are various types of parking racks designed according to customer requirements. Continuously meet customer requirements. Parking racks contribute to the creation of a better urban environment for society. As an experienced outdoor bike rack ,we hope that the parking rack will be better and better, and we believe that the future will be more and more beautiful.