First, your Canon printer model.


  1. Remove the printer box and model before beginning.
  2. Remove all tapes, plastic, and another packaging from the model hardware.
  3. Clean and close the surface where the printer will sit.
  4. Check shipped parts with your inkjet printer. Includes a Windows and Mac setup CD, power cord, cartridges, and documentation.
  5. Start Setup by connecting the power cable to the printer and the power switch.
  6. Press ON to activate your printer.
  7. If a steady light is on, remove the Paper Output Tray.
  8. Fine and color ink cartridges, then paper guidance.
  9. Insert blank paper and check for errors.
  10. Canon printer setup. Download the printer software at http // ij start canon


Download Canon printer software.


http // ij start canon


  1. Open your computer's web browser.


Close your PC's background apps. Double-clicking it opens your browser. Use the default browser or Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.


  1. Visit http // ij start canon


Type "https://ij.start.cannon" and hit Enter. http // ij start canon offers up-to-date Canon printer drivers and software.


  1. Select "Set Up."


Current page has four information alternatives. Next, choose "Set Up (Start Here)" for alternatives.


  1. Choose your Canon printer.


Product page is http // ij start canon. In the model name box, put TS302 and click Go. You can also search by model number. Select Canon printers to continue.


  1. Download Canon printer drivers.


The download page then appears. Click "Download." If prompted, click "Save" or "Save As." Your printer software downloads immediately.


  1. Install downloaded drivers and software.


Click "Run" to install Canon ij after downloading. Follow on-screen directions to install ij setup.


Canon IJ WiFi Connection


Connecting your PC and Canon printer wirelessly is optimal. Wireless printing is required. Let's connect the IJ printer to WiFi.


  1. Activate your Canon printer.
  2. Download printer drivers from http // ij start canon
  3. Press ON to switch on your Canon.
  4. Tap or click WiFi.
  5. Check your wireless router now.
  6. Finally, push the wireless router's WPS button.
  7. Your printer may be connected. If they are, the connection was successful.


Canon wireless printer installation instructions


This Canon wireless tutorial covers Windows and Mac methods. Let's determine device instructions;


Configuring Windows Wireless


  1. Activate your Canon ij printer.


Charge your printer. Start your Canon inkjet printer by pressing ON.


  1. Configure WiFi and connect.


If a WiFi button is accessible, most users will use WPS. Otherwise, select OK from Setup >WiFi Setup.


  1. Select WPS.


Right-click WPS (PIN Code). If your router has a direct WPS button, use it instead.


  1. Enter the wireless printer's PIN code.


On your Canon printer's display, input the PIN code on the router. Learn how to enter this PIN in the router's instructions. Tap OK on the printer's "Connected" message.


  1. Visit http // ij start canon


Visit http://ij.start.cannon to get Canon printer drivers and software.


  1. Windows has Canon printer drivers. has four options; pick Set Up and enter your printer model to visit the download page. Select "Windows OS" and "download" to receive universal drivers for your model.


  1. Select Run to install.


Click Run after downloading Ij printer drivers from http // ij start canon. Double-click the.exe and select Start Setup.


  1. Click Yes to accept the license.


The installation setup then displays a license agreement. Read the Canon printer's terms before clicking Yes.


  1. Select Extended Survey Program if it appears.


In the Extended Survey Program window (which may or may not display), check "Deactivate the block" and click Agree to participate.


  1. Double-check the connecting technique.


Because we're installing wirelessly, a connection screen appears. Therefore, check your connection and model. Then select Yes to install the printer drivers.


  1. Install printer and scanner drivers.


Install the printer and scanner drivers from Select the needed drivers from the list and install them. When the installation is complete, click Exit.


  1. Exit after installing Canon printer drivers.


Canon ij setup takes minutes. Close the installer by clicking "Exit."


Mac wireless Canon printer installation


  1. Turn on your printer and open the screwdriver menu.


Turn on the Canon printer and find the screwdriver-shaped button. This button displays the printer's settings on the screen.


  1. Click OK in Wireless LAN setup.


Canon printer displays Wireless LAN setup. Tap OK when you see the "WPS Push button" tab. OK again.


  1. Use WPS Push Button on the wireless router.


A working wifi router has steady lights. Press your router's WPS button until a light flashes. "Connected" appears on the printer's screen.


  1. Connect using WPS PIN.


If your router doesn't have a WPS button, enter the WPS PIN. Using the same screwdriver or setting button, select "Manual connect" or "WPS PIN." When prompted on the Printer screen, enter your router's PIN. Press OK if the PIN is correct to connect the Canon printer to WiFi.


  1. Open Safari and visit


Type "http // ij start canon" into a Mac browser, such as Safari. Click "Set up" on the Canon printer assistance page.


  1. Download the latest software using your Canon printer ID.


"Set Up" on http://ij.start.cannon brings up a product list. Enter your printer's model name in the box or choose from the series list.


  1. Click Download for Canon ij setup on macOS.


Click "download" after selecting macOS (top right). If a pop-up opens, choose "Save" or "Save As" to download software.


  1. Enter your Mac account details to begin the installation.


Double-click the downloaded.dmg file to install Ij start Canon programme. Enter your mac admin ID and password, then click "Install Helper."

  1. Accept the license terms and choose wireless.


Click Yes to accept Canon ij setup license terms. To continue, select "Wireless LAN."

  1. Select your Canon printer model.


As the ij start canon program installs, add your printer series to macOS's device list. Select your model after selecting "Add printer."


  1. Setup Canon wifi.


Install additional Canon printer drivers from the http // ij start canon software package. After installing, create a desktop shortcut and click Exit.


IJ USB Canon printer installation


If your inkjet printer doesn't connect wirelessly, you can utilize a USB cable setup. The USB cable should be 3 to 5 meters long.

Follow these instructions to establish Canon IJ.


  1. Keep using Canon.
  2. You can install drivers via CD or online. Insert the printer's setup CD. Step 3 if not.
  3. http // ij start canon offers Canon printer assistance.
  4. Click "Set Up" and enter your Canon printer model to access the download page.
  5. You can type the model name into the box to obtain straight drivers from the IJ printer products page.
  6. Select your operating system in the upper right corner, then click Download in the middle.
  7. Double-click the installation. It extracts the Canon iJ setup automatically.
  8. Next, click "USB connection."
  9. When prompted, connect the printer's USB cable to the PC (or laptop). Insert the USB cable into the PC and Canon's rear.
  10. Permissions and printer model. Also select access points.
  11. Following on-screen directions, configure USB. Press Finish.