You can learn How To Refill 288 ink Cartridge  by reading. Use a drill to make a hole in the top of the dowel. You should leave half of the  ink volume in the syringe before inserting the needle. Thread the needle through the opening. Make sure the needle touches the bottom of the cartridge. The ink cartridge gradually fills with ink. Stop writing if ink leaks from the ink refill hole. prevent the tank from filling up. Continue until all colors have been used. Make sure that the tape covers all  the holes in the toner cartridge before gluing. Reattach the printer and run the cleaning cycle once or twice when the cartridges print correctly. Only three additional cleaning cycles are allowed afterwards. Also, stick the air vents on the cartridge base. Use the vent  next to the ink outlet to refill the Epson 288  cartridge. 

Use a drill to make a small hole in  a split second. While injecting, insert the syringe into the hole. Using a hot glue gun, attach the syringe to the needle. The toner cartridge is now completely closed. The air in the cartridge rises when the syringe is lifted. Ink begins to flow into the cartridge as soon as you remove your hand  from the syringe. Until the cartridge is full, continue doing so. To seal the hole, you can also use a hot glue gun. When all colors are used, repeat these steps. Make sure that the tape covers all  the holes in the toner cartridge before gluing. Reattach the printer and run the cleaning cycle once or twice when the cartridge prints correctly. This process works for up to three cleaning cycles if you want to learn more about how to refill Epson 288  cartridges.

How to refill ink cartridges for  EPSON 288 

The two models of Epson printers are not the same, just like that of other manufacturers. This shows how there are slight variations between installation techniques. Unlike the previous two generations, Epson's most recent printer model requires four ink cartridges. You can see instructions on how to Epson 288 ink Refill on this page. I will start by going through the basics of Epson installation. 

1) Hold the toner cartridge.  

2) Continue using the yellow stomata tape.  

3) Do not modify the ink connection; Instead, throw it away.  

4) Fasten the 10ml syringe to the blunt needle. To refill the syringe with ink, insert the needle into the ink cartridge and slowly pull the plunger back until it reaches the 10–12ml mark. Keep some in the syringe.  

5) Slowly pour ink into the ink tank until it is about 5mm from the top edge. Add  ink in the same way if you want multiple filled syringes. 

6) Remove the cap from the air holes and apply masking tape over the ink holes. I do not remember! 

7) If the refilled cartridge is displayed as shown  in the example above, congratulations on your order. There is no  ink left in this Epson toner cartridge.  

8) Fill the cartridge main reservoir with ink using a syringe with a hollow cone tip (without thread) after removing excess ink from the airway. Simply press firmly on the ink hole with the tip of the syringe  and gradually pull the plunger back to swirl the ink. Carefully remove the syringe  until the air tubes are almost empty (see below),  then slowly pour the remaining ink into the vial. 

9) Prevent ink overflow. Preload if the primary toner level drops significantly. 

10) After use, rinse the syringe with water.