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Pirate sites like Movie Counter offer free downloads of new movies. These sites have a bigger impact on the global film industry than you might think. Piracy not only affects the box office revenue of movies, but also their effectiveness and audience on digital platforms and television. The internet is a huge treasure trove of free content, information and songs. While this makes it easier for Internet users to access, it also allows piracy sites such as Movie Counter to continue their illegal activities by enticing viewers to download free movies and HD television shows. Internet users tend to download movies to save money on movie tickets and admission fees.

About Movie Counter

Movie Counter is known for offering unlimited pirated copies of Bollywood movies, which can be easily viewed on its website. This popular piracy site is one of the leading piracy giants when it comes to finding the latest Bollywood movies online in HD quality. Users mainly visit the site to download the latest Hindi movies for free and with dual audio, but it also has a great collection of Hollywood, Lollywood and Tollywood movies. was one of the first free movie download sites and has released thousands of movies to date. The company primarily offers copyrighted content and the website offers free downloads of new releases and popular shows. It also offers free content from entertainment apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Hooq. Movies Counter is also responsible for filtering content from many other pirate sites and offering it for free.

How are Movies Counter and different from other sites?

The site was designed with the convenience of computers and mobile devices in mind. The homepage displays the most popular download sites and the most recently watched movies on those sites. Free movies can be watched online in English and other languages. Users can search for their favorite movies by genre, release year (2020 or 2019), Bollywood, or Hollywood.

Moviescounter Downloaded For Free

Like, these state-run piracy sites are also affected by the growing desire of platform users to watch Moviescounter for free. Some media and production officials have filed complaints under the National Cybercrime Act to combat movie piracy.

Film piracy in India

Film piracy is illegal in many countries, including India and the United States. The Indian government has banned sites such as Movies Counter, 123movies, Tamil rockers, Movie rule and movies. However, the government's efforts have not been successful in preventing the distribution of films on these sites. In response to the global Internet ban, Movies Counter continues to gradually replace it and other suffixes. Movies Counter has changed its domain name from .com to .club. This unstoppable piracy site continues to operate illegally in defiance of global authorities, stealing many movies and programs at the expense of their creators.

What are governments doing to stop piracy?

The government has taken action against film piracy: under the 2019 Film Act, anyone who makes a film without the written consent of the producer can be jailed for up to three years. Offenders are also liable to a fine of up to R100,000. People who distribute illegal copies on illegal torrent sites can also be imprisoned.

Is the penalty for downloading illegal movies a jail sentence or a fine?

India's piracy law makes it an offense to prosecute and convict anyone who knowingly downloads a copyrighted movie from the free movie site Movies Counter or participates in the infringement of another person's copyright. The courts have found that, in most cases, a watermark on a movie proves that the person was aware of the infringement.