File transfer - Collabow is one of the best Cloud Storage and File Transfer sites in the UK. Starter users can use our free online storage and file-sharing services to access and save data, documents, pictures, videos and other file types.

The smart digital workspace that enables cloud file storage, transfers, information sharing and collaboration.
Upload, Store, Manage, Share, Transfer and Discuss. Easier. Faster. Together

Work from anywhere, share with teammates, get work done, and solve problems quicker

Experience an innovative way to share your information, solve problems, organise your data and generate knowledge by collaborating with your team, all in one user-friendly platform.

Start with a quick and simple profile

A Starter profile allows you to make free transfers, store files online and explore Collabow. Use this package to create, collaborate and share information, ideas and plans with your friends, family, groups, contractors and the world. You can easily store, tag, transfer, search, track and chat on files in real-time whilst remaining aligned with your contacts.

You can upgrade your package at any time to access more advance features or once you’re ready to use Collabow within your organisation. In the meantime, explore, learn and collaborate for free.

Great for individuals & remote teams

Access advance features, greater storage and big transfers for use by solo workers, entrepreneurs, individuals, remote workers, consultants, and contractors

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