Product introduction

It adopts hollow / semi hollow structure machine tool, aviation aluminum extrusion beam, full-automatic self-lubricating system, segmented dust extraction structure, integrated electronic control system and other configurations, and is equipped with a new generation quick4.0 intelligent cutting system, which has flexible operation, more perfect and intelligent functionality, and effectively improves the speed and efficiency of frog jumping function. It integrates fast and intelligent perforation mode and fast and intelligent tool receiving mode, and is configured with the latest generation of expert process database of QUICK LASER, which is more convenient to use.

  • Low and Medium Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machines—A/D Series
    Automatic self lubrication system
    The machine bed adopts a professional integrated lubrication system design. All lubrication points adopt an integrated control mode and are connected to the cutting operation system. Real time status monitoring can be carried out for lubrication time and different lubrication points, so as to prolong the service life of the machine tool.
  • Low and Medium Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machines—A/D Series
    Segmented dust extraction structure
    The machine tool adopts professional air duct design and sectional dust extraction structure, which can be followed on / off according to the moving area of the cutting head, so as to ensure the dust extraction air volume in the cutting area to the greatest efficiency and make the cutting more environmentally friendly.