Tips On How To Choose A Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers Cyprus and botox are two different things. They work differently and will provide you with different results. However, even dermal fillers have various types. This makes it difficult for people to pick dermal filler for themselves.

What are the issues that you want to correct?

When picking a type of dermal filler, the first thing that you need to focus on is your issues. People go to plastic surgeons for getting dermal fillers for various issues. So, you need to prioritize your requirements before you pick dermal filler for yourself with the help of your plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon can take your requirements into account and suggest you the right option.

What are the areas that you want to treat?

You may have decided the areas of your face or hand that you want to treat with the help of dermal fillers. Having those areas in mind can also be beneficial. When you have figured out which areas you want to treat, you can easily pick the type of dermal fillers that you want to go for. This will make it easier for a plastic surgeon to suggest you a suitable type of dermal filler.

What is your health history like?

Before starting with the procedure, the plastic surgeon will first demand your health history. Checking your previous health history is essential for them. This will give them an idea about whether you need to avoid any particular type of dermal fillers in Cyprus or not. Therefore, you should be completely transparent about your health history with them. If you have any health conditions that may concern the procedure, you should ensure to inform your plastic surgeon.

What are the types of wrinkles that you have?

Every person has a different type of wrinkles. So, your wrinkles also play a major role in choosing a type of dermal filler. Therefore, you should check your wrinkle type and should make a decision accordingly. A plastic surgeon can also guide you in understanding the type of wrinkles that you have and how they can be treated in the best way possible. You should also take the duration for which you want the results to last into consideration. This will help you make an informed and perfect decision for choosing dermal filler.

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