Chinese landscape garden is a kind of natural landscape garden, silk cherry blossom tree pursue natural interest is China the basic characteristics of landscape gardens. Made in landscape garden, rockery stone is listed as the first element of landscape. Due to space limitations of private gardens, which requires the landscape, make full use of space to create near mountain forest artistic conception.
With the development of the society, the improvement of the environment, people's pursuit of more and more high, is greater demand for environmental beautification. Rockeries sculpture, not only improve the aesthetic feeling of the environment, and satisfy the people to watch the environmental sense of viewing.
In front of the landscape gardening, according to the 'for artificial coconut palm trees surface water in mountain, mountain and water of luck, Mountain, heaven and earth bone also 'knowledge of gardening to planning to build gardens. Therefore, must have mountain landscape, is impossible mountain into the garden. Natural landscape garden tend to have natural landscape, checked out the natural forest into a scene. Private landscape, however, are usually built in densely populated place, village landscape can choose, only with the help of a new artificial rockery stone to build a natural landscape.
Thus, a private landscape often without too much space range, decorative palm trees represent the beauty of the natural landscape, has no artificial trace, chisel to "by people, wan since opening day", in the land of the near, create a "surface, stone forest" garden art. So the mountain is one of the five elements of Chinese gardens, the five elements (fold mountain landscape, water landscape, landscape architecture, garden landscape, animals, landscape). As meter into said: "more than seven points, four for the base soil, high low however, planted bamboo fitting for the" (" embodied (a).
It is these characteristics, to express the endless charm of mountain outdoor palm trees landscape. As a unique mountain and water in the garden, like natural mountain water scene has its unique ornamental value.
From the royal garden of our country's existing to private gardens, rockeries piled up, are no exception, are to stone rockery and soil rockeries piled up, with its beautiful way to express it. Plastic diversity, it is easy to and the surrounding landscape harmonious and unified, it is flexible at the same time, changes in opportunely, enrich the landscape, the increased the garden space and administrative levels.