No matter how great your office chair is, sitting on it all day does nothing for your body. However, standing up frequently is also not good for your comfort or health. Powered, adjustable height desks give you the best of both worlds. Want to increase productivity and energy? Push a button to raise the desk so you can move a little while you work. Want to lean back in a chair for deep focus? Press another button to lower the table. After re-evaluating our top picks and spending nearly three months testing, we've determined that Fezibo is the best standing desk for most people. It adapts to various heights and is stable even on the highest settings.

If you feel less productive while working from home and think your current work setup is related to it, a standing desk or standing desk converter might help you. Standing desks may be the key to improving poor desk posture and reducing chronic physical pain associated with sitting during the day. But you may not realize that over time, a standing desk might also help increase your fitness and, more importantly, keep you energized and focused throughout your workday.

Here are our recommendations

1.Glass Top Standing Desk

The sturdy tempered glass material resists pressure well and creates a sturdy table top. The elegance of the Elita never goes out of style. 2 convenient USB charging ports (1 USB Type-A, 1 Type-C) integrate into your desk, saving those tangled wires, and 10W charging power keeps your devices powered throughout the day. Featuring a lightweight drawer, the 20.6" x 8.7" x 1.1" lightweight drawer finds a home for your small items so you don't have to worry about accidentally losing them. Keep your desk tidy without taking up too much space. To protect the desk from bumps and scratches, the glass top standing desk is equipped with advanced anti-collision sensors. A stabilizing crossbar is included to reduce table shake and allow you to work more top standing desk

2.Fezibo White Standing Desk

Maybe you want to create a comfortable and clean working environment? In the face of a tedious job, a clean white standing desk can bring you a lot of pleasure. Equipped with an electric motor and programmable controller, this desk can meet all your WFH needs. Thoughtful design keeps your workstation clean:
Under Desk Hook: Great for hanging headphones.
Cable Management Tray: An ingenious solution for organizing under-desk cables and creating a neater desk.
Wheels with Brakes: The 360-degree rotating wheels let you slide easily on the carpet, and the brakes help you stop anywhere.

3.Bamboo Standing Desk

Bamboo desktop board has good physical and mechanical properties, and has the advantages of small water absorption expansion coefficient, not easy to dry crack and deformation, and high stability. Bamboo styles have a natural look, linear to messy line patterns; Bamboo standing desk are sturdy, hard-wearing, hard materials that last for years; Low emissions contribute to a healthy indoor climate.

What should pay attention to when buying a standing desk?

Before buying a standing desk, you should first ask yourself a few questions: Is a standing desk really what I want? Will I feel comfortable standing for hours, or will I tend to sit down more often? If you already own a desk, is a comfortable desk chair or standing desk converter a better investment?
Here are some key factors to consider if you're looking to buy a standing desk:

1.Size and Appearance: First, the standing desk you choose should not only fit your home office space, but the desk model itself should also fit your height. If you are considered tall, be sure to check the maximum height of your desk, as some may not be tall enough to comfortably stand on flat feet in the office.
Also ask yourself: is the table deep enough for me and what shape do I need? What material do I need? Some tables are narrower than others, and some are L-shaped. Consider the surface size you need to fit all of your office essentials, such as a monitor (or two), laptop, mouse, keyboard, coffee mug, notepad, and more. Make sure your standing desk has enough space for everything without feeling cluttered, while also not exceeding any weight restrictions on the desk itself. Consider your preferred style, wooden standing desk,bamboo one or glass one?

2.Adjustability: Ease of adjustment is key, and in most cases our experts found electronic operation easier than manual operation. While you can find some great value manual standing desks, we believe that adjusting desk height at the touch of a button makes it more likely that you will alternate between sitting and standing.
You should also consider motor output and noise. Not all standing desks use the same motor, so we recommend choosing the one that's right for you. If you plan on making frequent adjustments, choose a motor that is quieter and can quickly lower or raise the table.

3.Easy to Assemble: Standing desks are usually not light, so please pay attention to the delivery method and any installation instructions. Some tables are cumbersome to put together and may require two people.

4.Customization: While you can buy standing desks as-is, some offer more room for customization than others. Are desks available in multiple table top sizes? Various finishes to match your furniture? Can the legs be customized? Are there any add-ons or possible add-ons included?If you're on a budget, many big brands have some affordable standing desks you can choose.

5.Durability and stability: A well-made standing desk should be durable and expected to last for years, but it's always wise to check the manufacturer's warranty. Your table should also be stable, meaning it won't wobble if you rest your elbows on the table, and won't wobble or move too much when adjusting the height.

How long should you stand at a standing desk?

To get the most out of a standing desk, consumers often mistakenly believe they need to stand all day. You don't need to be standing all the time from 9 to 5, says Chad Henriksen, director of WorkSiteRight at Northwestern Health Sciences University -- in fact, the best strategy for getting the best results may be to switch between standing and sitting frequently throughout the day. "I recommend sitting for no more than 20-30 minutes," Dr. Henriksen said, adding that those with serious injuries or health problems should discuss standing desks with their doctor first.
You should also do "micro-rest" stretches and exercises at home. Dr. Henriksen explained that experts have long known that increasing low-intensity activity has health benefits compared to prolonged sitting in a fixed position. "Alternating between sitting and standing balances the negative effects of standing or sitting throughout the workday."