The main component of quartz stone is silica, which has good oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and stable physical and chemical properties. It is a commonly used industrial mineral raw material and has a wide range of applications. 

Quartz stone is generally processed into powder and is used more, and a quartz ultrafine vertical mill is required. With the development of the industry, the demand for ultra-fine powder is getting higher and higher, and the machine that can grind the ore into 1000 mesh is also more common. So what is the output of the 1000-mesh quartz ultrafine vertical mill per hour? How much is it? Let's introduce it in detail.

The 1000-mesh quartz ultrafine vertical mill recommends ultra-fine mill. It is a new generation of mill. It has been upgraded in terms of output, finished product fineness, performance, etc., which can bring you uniform fineness and large output. It is more guaranteed to choose 1000 mesh quartz stone powder for fine processing of quartz stone powder.

ultrafine vertical mill: