If players want to perform well in New World, they must have powerful gear. To get new armor and weapons in the game, players can pick them up from enemies or treasure chests, or craft them. Additionally, players can purchase new weapons and gear from the New World faction store or NewWorldCoins

Players will need to find better gear to get the most out of their characters in New World PvP or premium content. Players can craft gear to their exact specifications if they're after the highest gear score and the best skills and attributes, or wish to drop advanced weapons from enemies.

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In New World, each piece of armor has a separate numerical weight. In the upper left corner of the equipment screen, players can see the weight of the equipment they are currently wearing. What matters is how much gear load it all adds up to. Often, players will target the gear loadout that best fits their body size and choose armor pieces accordingly.

Light armor provides the player with 20% bonus damage and healing, as well as the ability to roll to dodge. By the way, players can obtain Lowest Price New World Coins On The Market from NewWorldCoins.com Players can use heavy breastplates, light helmets and gloves, and medium sized legs and boots to maximize damage absorption. This gear load provides 10% bonus damage and healing, 10% increased crowd control duration and jump evasion.

Dodge is a simple evasion. Gear can also have a slot for New World gems, perks that introduce powerful buffs and stat increases. If players don't have enough New World Coins to buy gear, players can start by buying a lot of cheap New World Coins from NewWorldCoins.com There players will enjoy the highest quality customer service.