The City Of The Damned (Act 4)The enemies of the City of the Damned are among the easiest of the entire late game to take out buy D2R ladder items. They rely on elemental as well as poison immunities, so an Sorceress or Poison Nova Necromancer might wish to steer clear, but physical damage dealers can cut through these mobs like butter.

For players that need to get to max level and then the game will take a while to get to the max. Try farming in this area. There will naturally be some runs and tools to pick up that might help however the amount of time gained in this area is without challenge.

Nilathak's Temple a.k.a. Pindle Run (Act 5)In Act 5, players do not have to venture too far beyond Mount Arreat to get a great farming spot. The city of Harrogath already is among the most frequently used grinding spots to be found in. Nilathak's Temple is the ideal location, where players don't even have to clear the entire area clean.

The enemy they want is Pindleskin who's waiting for them near the entrance. It was reported that the drop rate for Pindleskin had been reduced but he's still giving out several very valuable treasure class D2R items cheap. Note that any player with a weak life (less of 1,000) might be killed Pindleskin in a few swings.